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Veikong 40 HP 30 kW ThreePhase 380V VFD For Solar Water Pump Inverter

Veikong 40 HP 30 kW ThreePhase 380V VFD For Solar Water Pump Inverter

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WARNING &Installation

1 Installation environment

- No Water drops, steam, dust or oily dust surrounded

- No caustic or inflammable gas and liquid surrounded

- No floating dust and metal particles surrounded

- Solid base without vibration

 - No electromagnetic or noise interference

 - Ambient temperature should be -10°C ~ +50°C; in case that the ambient temperature is higher than 40°C and that it is overheated, it should be stored in a place where there is good ventilation

2-Installation Instructions and Space Limit

 -It should be installed on the fire-proof frame, for example metal frame, in case that it causes fire accidents

 -It should be mounted by screws vertically; upside-down, slant or horizontal mounting are not allowed

 -Spare space must be ensured for the ventilation of converter in case that it's overheated while it's running

 -Ventilation must be taken into consideration to ensure that ambient temperature is lower than specified value when converter is installed inside a control cabinet

 -To minimize the heat effect on each other, they should be horizontally installed abreast if two or more converters are installed in the same control cabinet; Baffle plate must be set up between them for the same reason if they have to be installed vertically

 -It should be kept away from various impurity, such as fiber, paper scraps, wood chips or metal filing

- PE earth terminal must be connected with the ground

- The rated voltage must be in conformity with AC voltage

 -Power cords must be connected with the terminal R, S and T while lines for motor should beconnected with terminal U,V and W; any incorrect connection may cause damage to the internalcomponents of converter

 -The reliability of the terminals and wires must be evaluated before wiring, and screws for theterminals of major loop must be fastened solidly.

To avoid electric shock, do not touch the terminals of major loop

1 Connection of input terminal R, S, T or L, N

An additional breaker/chopper must be connected in series with the terminals of major loop(R,S,T or L,N) and three-phase AC or Single-phase AC input. For better running, an electromagnetic contactor should be connected with them in series so that it could cut off the power while the protection function of converter is activated (Tip: R-C surge absorbers should be added to the ends of electromagnetic contactor.

If an additional

earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) is installed as a protective device for electric leakage , the sensitivity of current should be more than 200mA while actuation time should be no less than 0.1 second in order to prevent ELCB from ma l function ing.

AC reactor must be connected with the input terminals in case that some of rectifiers are damaged by high voltage and high current input circuit from the grid , which could also improve the power factors of input terminals.

Do not control the converter by adopting the wa y of powering on or off major loop. Instead of that, RUN/STOP buttons on the keyboard or control loop terminals should be applied to the control of converter; if it has to be controlled by that way, it can be implemented only once every one hour.

It's feas ible to reduce the interference with devices nearby by connecting an additional noise filter with the input terminals.

Do not connect converter driven by three phase power to single phase source.

Veikong Motor Sürücü

Support Maximum MPPT %99 Efficen.
485 communication, SPI, GPRS, PG
Solar MPPT mode and  PID mode
Support IM, PM, hybrid AC DC mode 

LCD Display , Setting Programing Keys

Support full water and low water P.
Support remote monitoring online GPRS
Three Phase, mono Phase ,Sine Wave

AC Out Power Range
DC Bus Bar Voltage Range
GTIP Custom Code :85044010 Manufacturer  

Shenzhen Veikong Electric CO.,Ltd. a high-tech enterprise which has been specializing in researching, manufacturing and trading high, medium and low voltage inverter, providing our clients with integrated system solutions. We have professional R&D and devoted management team with more than 20 years' experience of theoretical research, product development and quality management.Veikong also is one of the first independent AC drives company in China. We adopt SPWM, sensorless vector control and vector and torque control technology in our VFD series inverters, which has reached the international advanced standard. The products can directly replace and be equivalent of Europe and the United States, Japan and other brands, providing customers with a powerful technical support. We have achieved popularity and qualification in VFD industry. Quality is the life of enterprise.
500-PV 500M-PV Solar pump drive
Special feature:
-Support Maximum mppt efficiency 99%
-Special solar mppt mode and PID mode
-Support LCD display
-Support GPRS remote control
-Support IM AND PM pump
-Support hybrid AC and DC
-Support Marco mode
-Support dry run protection
-Support full water and low water protection
-Support one button to switch AC

Product Features
-Maximizing power generation efficiency of solar modules with the use of advanced MPPT control technology and automatic MPPT voltage tracking
-Adjust water outflow of pumps quickly on basis of sunlight intensity change Automatic hibernation and wake up
   (1) Hibernate at high water level and wake up at low water lever
   (2) Hibernate at sunrise and sunset and wake up at strong sunlight
-Built-in C3 EMC filter and DSP technology and Infineon PIM design,with functions of light weak protection,dry run and low voltage,full water warning, overvoltage and overtemperature
-Advanced calculation for Pump flow and LCD monitoring display 
-Automatic running without any commisioning in keypad control and GPRS monitoring option(as option)
-Dual supply capability with change over switch - solar and grid compatible
Independent duct design
Independent air duct design, effectively preventing dust entering inverter, causing short-circuit and other faults and improving reliability
Use bigger air volume and long life cooling fan effectively reduces the internal temperature rise of the inverter and ensures reliable and stable operation of inverter.
Perfect Protection System
Designed for 10 years of maintenance-free operation. Cooling fan, capacitors, relays, and IGBTs have been carefully selected and designed for a life expectancy up to ten years.
* Assumes the drive is running continuously for 24 hours a day at 80% load with an ambient temperature of 40 
A solar pump inverter, also known as a solar variable frequency drive (VFD), helps in converting the direct current of a solar panel into an alternating current. It drives various AC motor water pumps like a centrifugal pump, irrigation pump, swimming pool pump, and deep well water pump.
The input can be a solar DC power supply (200V-350V, 350V-750V), also single-phase solar pump inverter, or a three-phase AC power supply (220V, 380V, 400V, 460V, 480V), built-in MPPT control system to increase the output power of PV array, ideal for remote and dry areas.

Solar Pump Inverter Functions
A solar pumping inverter is used to control the operation of a solar water pump system. It allows you to adjust output frequency in real-time as per the intensity of sunlight to achieve maximum power point tracking (MPPT).
It is an off-grid inverter, which doesn’t depend on the power grid and can generate load independently. However, an off-grid inverter only works with a battery. A solar pumping inverter doesn’t need a battery as long as there is sunlight. It is installed with a water level control system that serves a similar role to the battery in an off-grid system. It comes with a frequency transformation function, which can change AC output frequency. Moreover, frequency changes with sunlight intensity and that’s why a 4kW water pump can be driven by 1kW solar energy input.
Solar inverter drives help in controlling the speed of the motor, pressure point, temperature, and variability of speed in other devices. They can help save ample energy, with improved control, and require less maintenance due to nearly no wear and tear, offering reliable protection to the motor, and reducing stress on valves, pipework, and other related systems.

Solar Pump Inverter Manufacturer and Supplier
As compared to diesel generator pumps, our solar pump inverter or VFDs are an eco-friendly and sustainable option, with a long lifetime and low maintenance costs. It is not dependent on the grid, which means produces no noise or pollution.
All our inverters come in useful in a variety of applications, such as irrigation, community water supply, fish farming, and agriculture. As a prominent solar pump inverter manufacturer in China, we have drives with many solar-specific and pump control functions for ensuring maximum power point tracking, dry run detection, and flow evaluation.
With maximum power point tracking, you get the best output power possible from a solar panel and it increases the performance of the pump while auto start/stop can save money.
Single and Three Phase Solar Pump Inverter
Single Phase Solar Pump Inverter with MPPT and VFD
1.5KW 2.2KW 4KW 5.5KW 7.5KW Single Phase Solar Pump Inverter features LCD display, hybrid AC and DC, macro mode, full water and low water protection, optimized MPPT accuracy, and protection functions. Our series includes 220v IP65 single phase solar pump inverter, 2.2kw 3hp single phase inverter, and 1.5kw 2.2kw 4kw single phase input/output.

Three Phase Solar Pump Inverter with MPPT and VFD
Combined with the flexibility of AC pump technology, three phase solar pump inverter gives you better control of water, independent of the electricity grid. Our series includes a 2.2KW 4KW 5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw and up to 710KW 3-phase solar pump inverter, 2.2KW-710KW kw DC & AC power input, automatic 380V 2.2KW-710kw 3 phase inverter with LED display, 380V 220v 3-phase inverter VFD drive, and automatic 3-phase
Inverter with MPPT and VFD.

With inverters available from 1kw to 710kw capacity, in both single and 3-phase configurations, Veikong delivers efficient, cost-effective, and flexible water management. These are stand-alone inverter that manages the load and can be fitted to existing pump installations.
Veikong Solar Pump Inverter Height Lights
# Veikong solar pump inverter with colorful LCD keyboard
# No need use manual and no need setting parameters more user friendly
# 5 group parameters dynamic monitoring!
# LCD keyboard is wonderful option for important solar pump project
# Support macro parameter
# Solar MPPT mode and PID mode
# Support auto switch from ac and dc
# Support remote GRPS control

500-PV 500M-PV Solar Pump Drive Special Feature:
# Support Maximum MPPT efficiency 99%
# Special solar MPPT mode and PID mode
# Support LCD display
# Support GPRS remote control
# Support IM AND PM pump
# Support hybrid AC and DC
# Support Marco mode
# Support dry run protection
# Support full water and low water protection
# Support one button to switch A
Drive ModelRelated VoltageMax DC input voltage (V)Rated output current (A)Applicable water pump (KW)SIZE
VFD500M-20T00150-PV220V80071.5SIZE A
VFD500M-20T00220-PV220V80010.62.2SIZE A
VFD500M-40T00150-PV380V8004.21.5SIZE A
VFD500M-40T00220-PV380V80062.2SIZE A
VFD500-20T00150-PV220V80071.5SIZE A
VFD500-20T00220-PV220V80010.62.2SIZE A
VFD500-20T00400-PV220V800174SIZE A
VFD500-40T00150-PV380V8004.21.5SIZE A
VFD500-40T00220-PV380V80062.2SIZE A
VFD500-40T00400-PV380V8009.44SIZE A
VFD500-40T00550-PV380V800135.5SIZE B
VFD500-40T00750-PV380V800177.5SIZE B
VFD500-40T01100-PV380V8002511SIZE C
VFD500-40T01500-PV380V8003215SIZE C
VFD500-40T01850-PV380V8003818.5SIZE D
VFD500-40T02200-PV380V8004622SIZE D
VFD500-40T03000-PV380V8006030SIZE E
VFD500-40T03700-PV380V8007537SIZE E
VFD500-40T04500-PV380V8009645SIZE F
VFD500-40T05500-PV380V80011255SIZE F
VFD500-40T07500-PV380V80015075SIZE G
VFD500-40T09000-PV380V80017690SIZE G
VFD500-40T11000-PV380V800210110SIZE H
VFD500-40T13200-PV380V800253132SIZE I
VFD500-40T16000-PV380V800304160SIZE I
VFD500-40T18500-PV380V800340185SIZE J
VFD500-40T20000-PV380V800377200SIZE J



Motor Driver Electric Specification
Nominal Power 30kw/40HP
AC Output Voltage 380
Number of Input Phases 3
Max Solar DC Voltage 800
Rated Output Current 60
Max Peak power 37Kw
Motor Driver Efficiency η 96
Communication Modbus, E-102 RS485, E-180 485
Driver Digital Input 4
Driver Analogue Input 1
Driver Digital Output 2
Driver Analogue Output 0
Number of Solar Module 4x16x550w 5x16x455w 5x16x400w 5x20x340w 6x19x285w 4x20x545W (120 cell) 5x18x385w
Dimension(With X Dept x Height) 260x230x452mm
Motor Driver Mechnanical Specification
Compliance with standards CE, ISO9001,TUV, EN 60010, EN 61800
Installation altitude -10 ... 50 °C (14 ... 123 °F)
Inverter Weight kg Fan

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