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Atakale As a global renewable EPC company, we offer innovations coupled with world-class technology and best practices that provide efficient and cost-effective engineering solutions. We operate an asset-light business model that generally entails low capital expenditures and fixed costs, thus offering flexibility and scalability to meet our customers’ needs, provide integrated and customised solutions and respond quickly to market conditions.

Currently, we have a strong presence across 10 countries with operations in India, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Australia, United States and Latin Americ. EPC in the solar industry means engineering, procurement, and construction. It is a term that is widely used by companies that provide end-to-end solar energy services, including designing the system, giving procurement details about the system, and installing it.

Photovoltaic Power Plant Roof Installation

Atakale Energy is one of the leading companies in Turkey with a total capacity of 17Mw delivered for 9 years to the GES projects it started with Turkey's first Car Port Evliya State Çelebi Hospital 225Kw Solar Power Plant in 2013. It has always broken new ground with roof, ground, facade, mobile and surface projects. Atakale carries out the completed SPPs as turnkey projects. It has the engineering and experience to provide the project's finance, the project team, the Electrical and Static projects, its implementation, the supply, the production of MV and LV panels as a service.
Our team monitors all processes from Receiving the Call Letter to the Connection Agreement and TEDAŞ acceptances. Our company, which has been accepting and installing GES projects for 10 years, will offer you the most accurate solutions. The Turquoise market place you see on the side is our SPP project, which was commissioned in 2017. All project drawings of the market place, MV, LV Construction, Transformer Kiosk, Cell, SCADA, Dataloger assembly acceptance and commissioning were made by our engineer and team. Data loger scada and all its workmanship has been completed by our company.

Solar Power Plant Installation on Special Roof Structures

With our special application projects for all roof structures such as Sandavic Panel, Tile, Shingle, Corrugated, we offer you a lifetime construction of high quality that will both facilitate your work and protect your budget. We provide engineering service with high performance and uninterrupted production, which has not received negative feedback from any of the systems it has built for 10 years.
We offer excellent results with high technology solutions in the project and application of all criteria that will reduce shadow and efficiency with millimetric, plan and scales to the most difficult roof structures. On the right, you can see one of the most difficult roof structures, Panel layout, Special building construction for the inverter, Layout in the most environmentally friendly way, Cable passages, Installation of the highest quality fasteners. Here you can see the most difficult and recessed roof structure of the 2400 Panel, the assembly form that does not create any shadows on each other and is visually appreciated. It is one of our marketplace references that we completed in 60 days without causing a single visual pollution.

Solar Energy Installation on the Ground

Atakale, which brought a successful work to Malatya Metropolitan Municipality with the installation of 13002 panels on a 60-decare land of 3.5Mw; He carried out all engineering, project, site management and product supply works himself. Provided engineering services for all phases of the project. It is one of the largest SPP power plants in the region.
Our company's board of directors has been one of the successful projects of İsmail Hakkı Özdem, with his great efforts in all phases from the tender stage to the acceptance of the product. 280 000kg Steel solark construction Profile was used in the construction of the project. 50pcs ABB Trio Solar inverter is connected to 3.5Mw AC mains with ongrid inverter. 3 1.2MW kiosks, transformer, Shineder Cell and MV equipment were used. All switchgear products are selected from siemens and ABB.
It was made ready for acceptance in a short time like 4 months, all TEDAŞ acceptances and approvals were obtained and temporary and final acceptances were made. It has become one of the most successful projects of the region with 7% more energy production than the GES project calculations.

Carport Solar Plant Built

In 2013, Evliya Çelebi State Hospital took the 225Kw Parking Lot and Solar Power Plant installation work on the parking lot and successfully completed it. Electrical and Static projects were drawn by the engineers within Atakale. At the place of the car park, the old heat center and chimney were removed, leveled and elegant engineering work was applied with 4 horizontal solar panel-shaped benches. At a height of 9 meters, 900 panels were fitted on a 4 decare area without shading each other.
Architectural, civil and electrical works are one of the first GES projects in Turkey. SCADA, Dataloger, Construction, LV Panels are one of the exemplary projects of invisible cabling, all of which are carried by private galleries.
During the project, 1000m³ of filling was made, and all steel structure was manufactured by our Business Partner AREN Group in the Boiler. Turkey's first project has produced energy to meet the investment cost twice in 7 years.

Flat Roof PV Plant Project

In 2016, the Solar Power Plant project was implemented on the roof of 19 Mayıs University by Atakale. The roof on which the power plant was installed had to be flat and without the use of columns in terms of engineering. Atakale has made a successful construction application on the roof with a span of 10 meters.
The project, the receipt, application and acceptance of the call letter were completely done by our company. Successful LV connected Power Plant produces 14% more than the technical report prepared before project design.
It was installed with ABB Tri 50w inverter and Polycrystalline solar panels, and won the appreciation of the institution with its visual stance without harming the architectural structure of the university. The project, which pays for itself in 3.5 years, is one of the firsts in Turkey in terms of flat roof application. During the project, impermeability, static problems, cable route, strong wind, insufficient roof area according to the project, vibration and dangerous work area problems were successfully solved.
It is the most reliable Wind Energy Turbine with its special mechanism that goes up to the helicopter position in the storm. Mast, foundation, inverter, batteries and brake resistors are a turnkey project. Braun brand Antaris turbine has a service life of 10 years without maintenance.

Wind Turbine Enegy Plant

Braun Ataris 15 kW, 30 m high Wind Power Plant was installed in Samsun Demir Çelik Vocational School garden in 2015 by Atakale. It has been one of the rare pilot projects in Turkey with pole foundation anchorage, pole production, GES panel, 15Kw Island system inverters. The Turbine, which started to produce energy at a wind speed of 2.5m/s, has a 6mt wingspan. With its brushless BLDC NdFeBo magnets, production can continue uninterruptedly up to 150ºC. The turbine, which can reach a voltage of 0-1000VDC, is 1602kg and has a 20-year life with a completely aluminum body
Braun Antaris has a maintenance-free operating life of 10 years. We design all inverters and equipment on a turnkey basis for Ongrid, Hybrid, Island, and Off-Grid applications. You can call us for offers for all wind turbine calculations and installations between 1Kw-30Kw. It is the most ideal renewable energy source for regions with high and closed weather conditions where solar energy is limited.

Vertical Wind Turbine Manufacturer

Atakale is the first company that produces vertical wind turbines in Turkey. Kanat turbine, all mechanical parts and calculations have been completed with R & D work. Our work, which started with small and tiny turbines at first, later increased to 5Kw. Our system, which is still operating in 7 regions in Turkey, is completely neglected, silent and works even at the lowest wind power.
Since it rotates regardless of the direction of the wind, it has less mechanical parts. This brings out the price and lifetime advantage. Since they are much cheaper, the unit energy costs they produce are low. The propeller and masts are much easier to mount and are not expensive and difficult to transport as in other horizontal wind turbines. It can be used safely at the highest wind speeds, even in storms. It is environmentally friendly and does not harm any living thing. It is the wind turbine with the cheapest energy production cost in the world.

Mobile Solar Energy Rrailer

Atakale produced more than 150 mobile solar energy systems on trailers for Forest Fire Towers . It produces hydraulic, open and closeable PV systems with 24KVA energy storage capacity, with products produced with the highest technology, according to the most difficult mountain conditions. The trailers are specially manufactured according to the solar energy system and have the Highways TIP approval certificate.
The special HIT series of Solar Panels used in the system, where energy is stored with batteries with a life of 12 years, has been chosen as panasonic, which has the highest heat performance in the world. Uninterrupted energy was provided by Victron energy's project inverter and chargers. Our Mobile Energy generator is used safely in the most difficult conditions with its all-protected AC panel and grounding. Our Mobile Power Plant is one of the most preferred economic products in well, irrigation and agricultural projects.
The cost of the project, which is designed with special drivers for battery-powered, non-battery and agricultural submersible motors, is the most ideal method for period rental and Solar system irrigation of agricultural areas close to each other.

Inverter and PV plant Electricty Cabinet

Atakale supplies Ongrid Inverters, Off-Grid Inverters, Wind Turbine Chargers, Wind Turbine Ongrid Inverters used in GES systems, and provides all engineering services related to their assembly and inverter accessories.
The choice of inverter planning calculation is the most serious engineering issue after solar panels in terms of performance and economic scaling of the power plant in our industry, where it is known only as market and price oriented. The most important reason for the high performance of the power plants that we have installed in many regions of Turkey and that are still in operation is the correct engineering calculation and product selection.
Atakale, who knows that the efficiency of inverters up to 99% is actually a parameter explained according to certain PV voltage and environmental conditions, and that this does not happen under all conditions, Atakale provides you with 5% additional efficiency by making the right choice here.

Wind Turbine Polygon Turbine Pole Production

One of the most critical manufacturing processes of Wind Energy Turbines is the pole and construction works where the turbine will be assembled. It produces cage and one-piece polygonal wind turbine poles in Atakale Ankara/Kazan Steel company. The mast transportation, manufacture, assembly and installation of the turbine on the mast, which you see in the picture, are completely done by our company's engineers and team
The turbine mast is manufactured to withstand 136km/h wind speed and storm, without rope and for mounting the foundation anchor. All static and mechanical calculations of the product were checked with SAP 2000 software and delivered successfully in practice. All phases planned during the assembly were carried out smoothly and in accordance with the project. Pictures of this successful project by the turbine manufacturer in Germany are used as a reference. This is one of our country's proud achievements in engineering and projects. Special dimensions are also made for the safe transportation of the product on highways. The mast foundation anchor was measured with a laser and a perfect assembly was made.

Portable Solar Energy Box

For small-scale portable mobile solar energy needs in rural areas such as beekeepers, 80% domestic system produced in Atakale is used in many regions of Turkey. This package consisting of 3Kw Full-sine Inverter, 2 Pieces 150AH Gel Batteries, 30AH MPPT Charger, 2 Pieces 340W Solar Panels is modular. It is a package product that is installed within 5 minutes and all safety precautions are taken.
The solar panel mounting apparatus is 1 m long and can be easily attached to each other to fit all vehicles, forming a solid and variable angle structure. User convenience is provided with special terminals to be connected without mixing the inverter's panel and inverter battery connections. Atakale Arıcı made the assembly and stringing of the PCB board of the 3Kw inverter used in the package. It is delivered as a completely domestic off-grid inverter. More than 500 were delivered to many beekeepers and agricultural cooperatives in the Siverek, Karaman, Urfa, and Black Sea regions within the scope of the project. Installation and use of the product can be done easily without any training required. It is Turkey's first completely domestic solar energy package.

Off-Grid Island and Large Systems

The success of Off-Grid System projects depends on its correct scaling, its installation in accordance with engineering standards, correct product selection and accurate capacity calculation. This is why most off-grid systems fail and fail due to project errors and calculation errors. As Atakale, we share with you some of the high-level standards we use in our off-grid projects in the picture on the right. Selection of Wind Energy turbine off-grid systems We choose special and different products from the standard products used in solar energy systems. It has successfully completed many projects such as feeding critical areas with renewable energy sources without being without energy. We diversify renewable energy sources, especially if 100% uptime is desired in places where there is no grid; We recommend our projects in which hybrid wind, hydroelectric and solar energy are used. Call us for our in-cabinet All in One remote monitoring system off-grid applications.

Cylindrical Rheostat Production

We produce cylindrical rheostat in the range of 0-100ohm, 3-10Amper in our company's workshop. Cylindrical rheostat, designed entirely by our company for use in cathodic protection, laboratory, welding machines, wind turbine braking systems, is used in many public institutions. Ease of assembly It is the only product produced in Turkey in its field with its porcelain structure that can withstand up to 2000ºC, and all laser cut parts that can withstand high temperatures.
Porcelain molds used in cylindrical rheostat are made in a special manufacturing process and mounting holes are drilled with diamond tips. With the steel toroid winding technology, which is owned by very few companies in the world, we produce the rheostat, which takes up little space and can control 1000watts of power.
Parts, platinum contacts and all parts of the rheostat, which are made mechanically by laser cutting from spring steel, are produced in special ohms and amps in our company. The special green paint of the rheostat, which is resistant up to 1500ºC, is produced by baking in our workshop.

Solar Irrigation Systems

Atakale carries out more than 250 irrigation projects every year. It provides the supply, installation, software and support services of all irrigation system motor drivers such as Frecon, Veichi, Siemens, Delta, ABB, Tescom, SAJ, SmartInv, Yılmaz. You can provide all agricultural solar energy projects from our company, including the project, agricultural credit support consultancy, construction, submersible motor, irrigation system, solar energy installation, automation panel. We review the proposals of our expert engineers and undertake the most efficient irrigation projects with the least investment.
You can buy the entire system from us in all provinces and regions of Turkey and set up your agricultural irrigation project in the most accurate and cost-effective way with remote installation support. You can supply solar submersible motors converted into 3x220 triangle submersible motors. Deep well pumps working with BLDC brushless 48V Submersible motor and 2 panels, drivers are imported by Atakale, the most comprehensive company in Turkey. In particular, we are the leading company with irrigation references above 30 kW up to 250 kW.

Submersible Inspection Camera System

Since 2004, our company has been performing the installation, maintenance and sales of channel imaging robots and equipment. It supplies, imports and installs products used for deep wells, irrigation canals, pipes, sewer inspection and repair. Flows up to 500 meters. You can contact us for the analysis of deep wells with special camera requests. More than 200 deep wells of AFJIN Thermal Power Plant are controlled by the imaging system installed by our company.
The maintenance, installation and importation of channel monitoring and channel monitoring robots of many institutions such as Istanbul Municipality, Kocaeli Municipality, Ankara Municipality have been carried out by our company.
Imaging system is of great importance for deep wells to be checked every year, for maintenance, repair and to determine the necessary equipment for extracting more water, CAM 1000 is one of the products with the highest technology produced in America, You can provide sales, maintenance and training services of the product from our company.

Caravan Electricity and Solar System Installation

Indispensable for today's caravans is the Solar Energy System. Atakale carries out electric and solar energy installations for caravans in OSTİM headquarters. It provides all solar energy products of Bus, Truck, Panel Van, Caravan.
You can have collapsible, fixed, surface flexible panel cladding mounted on vehicles such as towed vehicles, buses, TIRs, and panel vans. In addition, LifePo4 is a vehicle charge transfer system between life battery and vehicle battery. You can also supply products that work with solar systems such as 12volt refrigerators, lighting, air conditioners, stoves in the caravan.
You can buy caravan solar panel mounting apparatus, rails, ceiling mounting brackets at sitmeiz and Ankara, Istanbul stores. It is the most successful company in Turkey in terms of the unique electricity consumption of caravans, the use of saving systems, noiseless inverter chargers, and safety equipment with special precautions against fire hazards.

Marine Yacth Solar Energy Systems

Continuous operation of the engine, which provides the electrical energy of the marine vehicles, is not desired. And the Energy Needs of all marine vehicles have been provided by solar energy panels for many years. We sell stocked Flezible Sunpower, ETFE and high efficiency solar panels in accordance with marine standards. You can also supply marine solar charge control and inverter products such as Victron Energy from us. You can also obtain LifePo4, Marine Gel Battery, marine cable and solar panel mounting kits for marine vehicles from our largest company.
You can contact us for the phone number of our dealers and representatives in the regions with the highest traffic of yachts, boats and ships in Turkey. We offer you wind, energy storage systems and efficient engine charging systems with alternatives, especially for vehicles that are critical and have no tolerance for interruptions.

Electricy EPC and Building Otomation

When it was founded in 1997, the first task was to successfully complete the automation of the AFJET Geothermal Energy system. Our company has completed tens of large projects of public and private sectors throughout Turkey in 25 years of operation. Hydroelectric power plant, Geothermal Energy system, EGO Natural Gas Regalş stations, Botaş Valve station energy systems are some of our major projects
Our company has High Voltage, Medium Voltage, LV project signature authority approved by the Chamber of Electrical Engineers. It has official authority including Office Registration Certificate and High Voltage projects. He has the qualification of Construction Work and Job Completion in public institutions. It has the authority and competence to perform all electrification panel and switchgear installations related to GES WPP and Micro HEPP. When you contact us about your projects, you can get our offer and consultancy services.
Photo on the right Electrical and weak current works of Malatya Hekimhan Factory were done by our company.

PV Project And Govermantal Grid Contract Approval

The application for the Call Letter required for the installation of Roof, Ground, Facade Solar Energy is made by our company with all its stages. Applications, documents, yield report, technical report, Map Coordinate sketch, Static project and static project approval, All connection contract procedures are made by our company.
If you only give us the Identity, Signature, Deed/Lease, Subscription Certificate, Building License, all stages, documents and follow-up procedures of the call letter are carried out by us. After the installation of the system, the distribution company and TEDAŞ approvals are followed by Atakale's engineers quickly and without errors.
The file we prepare until the end of each month is made available for TEDAŞ opinion within two months of the acceptance of the application. And within 3 months, the call letter will be sent to you (if the subscriber meets the conditions). This procedure is one of the services that our company provides without any charge until the end.

CCTV Camera Networking Survilance Systems

Solar Power Plants, Wind Power Plants, all infrastructure works required for the security, remote monitoring and management of agricultural solar irrigation systems installed in non-residential areas are one of our fields of activity.
Our company, which established Turkey's first Wireless MOBESE system in Çorum in 2005, has installed fiber optic infrastructure, IP camera system, Smart manageable NVR systems, network systems on GEs sites. In addition to solar energy systems, it also installs CCTV systems.
Transformer centers, MV kiosk, MV cell FM200 fire extinguishing systems, GES field and panel fire extinguishing systems are also part of our work. Fire extinguishing test and detection systems in accordance with the regulations used in all solar power plant installations have been assembled and projected by our company teams. According to safety regulations, warning labels and precautions are taken by our company.

Electric Transmission Line, Transformer Center, High Voltage Building

Since the Grid Connection of most Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Hydroelectric Power Plants is made over MV lines, Transformer, MV Cell, Concrete kiosk assembly and commissioning are the most serious installations of power plants that require expertise.
Our Modular Switchgears offer very easy solutions with our authorized technical personnel in assembly, operation and maintenance compared to open switchyards. We provide the entire supply project and installation of cable heads, Transformer plug-ins, Disconnector, Breaker Busbar connections, B24 Battery module of voltage measuring cells with load disconnector
We carry out the assembly and commissioning of current voltage measurement cell with gas separator, cable connecting cell with surge arrester, busbar partition cell with gas separator, autoproducer cell, transformer protection cell with load disconnector, current measurement cell, input and output cell.

PV Wind energy Plant Construction

In the installation of Wind Energy Turbines, static and civil works of Solar Power Plants, installation in high places such as Off-Grid Radiolink stations require comprehensive and professional building installations in construction. Before the installation of the solar power plant on the parking lot, pictured on the right, 300m³ of concrete and 150 tons of excavation steel structure were used.
Atakale is a company that has a team that does the first and only vehicle in Turkey and does the concrete, steel and installation of the Radio link and Radio relay station in Konya at an altitude of 3000 meters with mules in the most difficult natural conditions. Construction and construction works are one of the most serious cost items of Solar Power Plants, the fact that we do mold, leveling, iron and contracting works within our company reduces the cost seriously. And it ensures the installation of the Solar Power plant in full synchronization and compatibility with the electricity and panel installation system. Atakale has succeeded in presenting economic offers to the investor by performing the construction works in almost all of its projects without using subcontractors.

Abroad Project and International Offices Representations

Since its establishment, our company has considered its export and overseas projects as a duty to do business in Turkey, not profit-oriented. It carries out projects and exports in Jordan, Iraq, Georgia, Syria, Serbia, England, Azerbaijan. It has completed and delivered 2 major overseas projects with its own staff.
He has worked on projects with regional administrations in Iraq, which has a serious investment, technology and engineering demand for electrical energy. Fair Visits and product deliveries continue
Our company is an active member of ORTA Anadolu Exporters' Association. And in 2021, it exported 5 different projects. We carry out projects with Architects and Engineers to represent our company in the works carried out with business partners in Qatar and Oman. We employ sales and engineer personnel who speak Arabic, English, and who are engaged in our company. All our activities and documents are organized in Turkish and English.

Solar Enegy Construction

Solar Power plant, assembly elements are produced in its factory in Atakale Kazan. Clamp (holder), sandwich panel mounting rail, tile roof mounting rail, tile hook, Inbus screw, sandwich panel special clamp products, as our own production on our site, offer you quality and affordable prices. is presented
You can find the prices of anodized and anodized products on our website. You can also supply nut, spring, screw, EJOT J3 solar roof screw hardware products. If you give us the settlement information about your project, we calculate all the products to be used as a set and present them to you as an offer. Since our Sigma profile, 80x63 roof rail prices are offered to you directly from the factory, you can get it with the highest discount. Apart from the standard used calms, we sell special bifacial products, special products for glass-to-glass solar panels. We can send clamp rails and special holder apparatus from 3cm to 6m in accordance with your project.
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