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Delixi 60HP 45 kW Threephase (3x380) VFD For Solar Water Pump Inverter

Delixi 60HP 45 kW Threephase (3x380) VFD For Solar Water Pump Inverter

Product Code: SOL-CDI-SPDG045T4
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WARNING &Installation

Thank you for choosing CDI-SPD series photovoltaic water pump driver produced by Delixi (Hangzhou) Inverter Co., Ltd.

Before using CDI-SPD series photovoltaic water pump driver (hereinafter referred to as “the Product”), please read the manual carefully in order to ensure the proper use. Improper use may result in the equipment’s abnormal operation, malfunction, decrease of service life and even personal injury accident. Therefore, please do read the manual carefully before use and use the Product strictly according to the manual.

The manual is a standard file which must be kept properly after reading for further repairing and maintenance of the Product in the future. Besides the operating instructions, the manual also provides wiring diagram for your reference. If having difficulties or special requirements for usage of the Product, please feel free to contact our local offices or dealers or call our customer service center of the headquarters directly. We will offer dedicated service to you.

We may change the contents of this Manual without a prior notice. Please confirm the followings seriously when unpacking the Product:

1. Check if the Product is damaged, components and parts are damaged and drop and the body is collided in the transportation process.

2. Check if the rated value labeled on the nameplate of the Product accords with your order requirements and if the packaging box contains the machine that you

order, product certificate, operation manual and warranty card.

We are strict in the manufacture, packaging and delivery. For any inspection omissions, please contact us or your supplier to solve the problem.

 Maintenance and Repairing

(1) Daily maintenance

The influence such as environmental temperature, humidity, dust and vibration may result in aging of the internal components of frequency inverter,which should cause potential fault of frequency inverter or reduction of its service life. Therefore, it is necessary to perform dailymaintenance andregular inspection with thefrequency inverter.

Daily inspection item:

A Check if the sound of motor running has any abnormal change.

B Check if there is any vibration in motor running.

C Check if the installation environment of frequency inverter is changed.

D Check if the cooling fan of frequency inverter works normally.

Daily cleaning:

A Keep frequency inverter always clean and tidy.

B Clean surface dust on the frequency inverter effectively in order to prevent

dust from entering the frequency inverter, especially metal dust.

C Clean oil dirt of frequency inverter’s cooling fan effectively.

(2) Regular inspection

Please inspect places that can be hardly inspected regularly.

Regular inspection item:

A Inspect and clean air flue regularly.

B Inspect if the screw is loose.

C Inspect of the frequency inverter is corroded.

D Inspect if there is arc on surface connecting terminal.

(3) Replacement of vulnerable parts

The vulnerable parts of the frequency inverter include cooling fan and filter electrolytic capacitor, the service life of which closely depend onoperating environment and maintenance condition.

Users can confirm replacement period according to running time. A Cooling fan Possible damage reasons: Bearing abrasion and blade aging. Judgment standard: Confirm if the fan blade has cracks and abnormal vibration sound when starting.

B Filter electrolytic capacitor

Possible damage reasons: Input power with low quality, high environment temperature, frequent load modulation and electrolyte aging.

Judgment standard: Confirm if the liquid leaks and safety valve has protruded; measurement of electrostatic capacity and insulation resistance.

(4) Storage of frequency inverter

After purchased the device, please pay attention to following points while 

storing it:

A Please store it in original package as much as possible.

B Long term storage should cause aging of electrolytic capacitor. Make sure to

electrifyit once every half a year for at least 5 hours and to raise voltage to rated

value slowly via voltage regulator.

(5) Warranty of frequency inverter

Maintenance free is limited to the frequency inverter only.

We provide life-long paid service for our products, whenever and wherever they are used.

We bear the responsibilities of repair, replacement and return at most for the product once quality or product accident happens. If users need more responsibility

compensation warranties, please place insurance at the property insurance company in advance.

Warranty service should be effective in 18 months after bar code date.  For fault caused in following reasons, a pay-needed maintenanceservice only is available even warranty term iseffective:

A Faults caused by incorrect operation (subject to user’s manual) or unauthorized repair and refitting.

B Problems caused by using the frequency inverter beyond requirements of standard and specification.

C Damage caused by accidental drop and improper handling after purchase.

D Aging or fault caused by severe environment.

E Damage caused by natural disasters such as earthquake, fire disaster, wind, lightning stroke, abnormal voltage or reasons happening together with disasters.

F Damage in the transportation process (Notes: Transportation mode is designated by user of themselves. We could assist agent to conduct transfer of


G When brand, trademark, serial number and nameplate marked by manufacturers are damaged or can’t be recognized.

H Failure to pay off fund according to purchase contract.

I Failure to describe actual conditions relating to installation, wiring, operation, maintenance, or othercondition to the Company. For the repair, replacement and return services, customers need to send the product back to us. We will provide the corresponding service after confirming the responsible party.

We still have the ownership of the product for which the buyer doesn’t pay off the price or pay the residual fund in time. In such case, we do not undertake the above responsibilities and the buyer cannot propose any disagreement.

All relevant service fees shall be calculated in accordance with the identical standards of the factory. In the eventthat an agreement or a contract exists, its priority shall be performed.

Solinved Motor Sürücü

SPS Series Submersible Motor Driver
485 communication, SPI, GPRS, PG
MPPT Solar Water System Inverter
Automatic identification APN p. on

LCD Display , Setting Programing Keys

Maximum %90 MPPT efficency  650V
Support remote monitoring online GPRS
Three Phase, mono Phase ,Sine Wave

AC Out Power Range
DC Bus Bar Voltage Range
GTIP Custom HS Code :8504409999 

Delixi (Hangzhou) Inverter Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise controlled by Delixi Group. It is also one of the domestic excellent suppliers of industrial automation products and solutions integrating R & D, production, sales and technical services.
Introduction:Product Introduction DELIXI CDI-SPD Series Solar Pump VFD is a special frequency inverter for PV P
SPD series solar pump drivers are special frequency inverters for AC pumps. SPD series
solar pump drivers convert direct current from solar PV modules into alternating current for use in different types of AC pumps. It detects the maximum power point from the solar modules and transfers the maximum power to the pump motor thanks to the high precision and fast MPPT
algorithm. When there is insufficient power from the solar modules, it can work all day long with the grid and generator connection as well as the solar modules.
     Product Introduction
 DELIXI CDI-SPD Series Solar Pump VFD is a special frequency inverter for PV Power AC Pump, it converts direct current, which from solar module array, to alternating current for driving different type of AC pump. For maximizing the drive of pump motor, the product adopts high-precision and fast MPPT algorithm to track the Maximum Power Point of output of the solar module. Meanwhile, AC input from power grid or generator is accepted, when there is an insufficient power from solar module, for whole day running and diverse requirements.

Product TypeSS2S2T2 ÜrünT4
Ac Input Voltage220 (+/- %15)220 (+/- %15)
220 (+/- %15)
380 (+/- %15)
Max DC Voltage440V440V 440V800V
Starting Voltage200200V200V300V
Wake Up Voltage150V150V150V150V
Working DC Voltage200-400V200-400V200-400V300-750V
Recommended MPPT Voltage330V330V330V550V
Digital intelligent control can flexibly adjust and set the speed range of the pump
The power supply automatic switching module can realize automatic switching between photovoltaic DC input and grid AC input, meeting 24-hour unattended work
Easy operation-Easy to install, no need to set parameters, ready to use, and has a one-key parameter recovery function
With overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, over-temperature automatic frequency reduction and other protection functions; DC input anti-reverse function
Built-in comprehensive protection and diagnosis mechanism
The soft-start of the motor avoids the water hammer effect and improves system service life
LED displays the real-time system status and parameters
Utmost water flow output, irrespective of the environment
Effective waterless operation mode. If water pressure is low, Solar VSD reduces the frequency or stops by itself
Built-in adaptive high-precision photovoltaic array MPPT algorithm, accuracy more than 99%
At the same time, it also supports ac input. When the power of the solar module is insufficient, it can accept ac input of the power grid or ac input of the generator to realize all-day work and meet various needs.
DELIXI CDI-SPD series photovoltaic water pump driver is a special inverter for photovoltaic power generation to drive ac water pump. It inverts the direct current generated by solar modules into alternating current to drive various ac water pumps. The driver adopts high-precision and fast MPPT algorithm to track the output of the solar module through the maximum power point to maximize the drive of the water pump motor.
 Technical Characteristics:
-Excellent performance
Built-in high-precision fast MPPT algorithm to track the maximum power of the solar module, up to 99% efficiency;
-Rich Models
Support single-phase 220V, three-phase 220V and three-phase 380V water pump, power range from 0.4kW to 400kW;
-Safe & Reliable
With over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-temperature automatic frequency reduction and other protection functions; DC input anti-reverse connection function;
-Easy operation
Easy to install, no need to set parameters, ready to use, and has a parameter one-key recovery function;
-Wide Application
In addition to the DC power input, AC power input is also acceptable;
- Applications:
Widely used in farm irrigation, animal husbandry, production and domestic water supply in areas with sufficient sunshine and shortage of electricity.

Driver P NoRated Input Current (A)Rated Output Current (A)Adaptive Motor (kW)N.weight(kg)G.weight(kg)
Motor Driver Electric Specification
Nominal Power 45kw/60HP
AC Output Voltage 380
Number of Input Phases 3
Max Solar DC Voltage 800
Rated Output Current 90
Max Peak power 55Kw
Motor Driver Efficiency η 91
Communication Modbus, E-102 RS485, E-180 485
Driver Digital Input 4
Driver Analogue Input 2
Driver Digital Output 2
Driver Analogue Output 0
Number of Solar Module 6 Dizi(550x16) Toplam :128 Adet Panel 5 Dizi (545x20) Toplam: 100 Adet Panel 7 Dizi (450x16) Toplam : 112 Adet Panel 8 Dizi(400x16) Toplam:126 Adet Panel 10 Dizi (340x20) Toplam: 200Adet 340W 12 Dizi (285x20) Toplam: 240Adet 340W
Dimension(With X Dept x Height) 300x270x530mm
Motor Driver Mechnanical Specification
Compliance with standards CE, ISO9001,TUV
Installation altitude -10 ... 50 °C (14 ... 123 °F)
Inverter Weight kg Fan

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