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Vigor 12Volt 150AH Deep Cycle AGM Gel Battery Nano Carbon Huawei Outdo Manufacturer

Vigor 12Volt 150AH Deep Cycle AGM Gel Battery Nano Carbon Huawei Outdo Manufacturer

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3 x 1.315,20 TL
3.945,59 TL
6 x 675,05 TL
4.050,31 TL
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3 x 1.315,20 TL
3.945,59 TL
6 x 675,05 TL
4.050,31 TL
9 x 462,30 TL
4.160,74 TL
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Toplam Tutar
3 x 1.315,20 TL
3.945,59 TL
6 x 675,05 TL
4.050,31 TL
9 x 462,30 TL
4.160,74 TL
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Taksit Tutarı
Toplam Tutar
3 x 1.315,20 TL
3.945,59 TL
6 x 675,05 TL
4.050,31 TL
9 x 462,30 TL
4.160,74 TL
12 x 356,41 TL
4.276,87 TL
Taksit Tutarı
Toplam Tutar
3 x 1.315,20 TL
3.945,59 TL
6 x 675,05 TL
4.050,31 TL
9 x 462,30 TL
4.160,74 TL
12 x 356,41 TL
4.276,87 TL
Taksit Tutarı
Toplam Tutar
3 x 1.315,20 TL
3.945,59 TL
6 x 675,05 TL
4.050,31 TL
9 x 462,30 TL
4.160,74 TL
12 x 356,41 TL
4.276,87 TL
Taksit Tutarı
Toplam Tutar
3 x 1.315,20 TL
3.945,59 TL
6 x 675,05 TL
4.050,31 TL
9 x 462,30 TL
4.160,74 TL
12 x 356,41 TL
4.276,87 TL
Taksit Tutarı
Toplam Tutar
3 x 1.315,20 TL
3.945,59 TL
6 x 675,05 TL
4.050,31 TL
9 x 462,30 TL
4.160,74 TL
12 x 356,41 TL
4.276,87 TL
Safe Use Precautions
I. Warning
1. The inside electrolyte will corrode metal, cotton product, stone. Use properly.
2. Do not place the battery against the side or upside down to prevent acid leakage
3. The hydrogen will be generated during the working and discharging of battery which will cause explosion if there were fire. Pay attention for the following
3.1. Maintain and use the battery where is ventilate
3.2. No sparks and flame when the battery is in maintenance
3.3. If the battery is charging outside the vehicle which can’t be installed immediately after finish charging until laying at lease 10min to release the hydrogen generated inside
the battery.
3.4. After riding, the battery can’t be dismounted immediately until laying for at least 10 mins
3.5. During charging, the ambient temperature should not be over 45 OC, Otherwise cooling by water or by reducing the charging current and charging volts.
4. DO NOT place the metal tool or conducting matter nearby the terminal in case short-circuit the terminal
5. DO not knock the terminal by hammer during the battery installation
6. Be safe during carrying to prevent hitting

II. Installation and Maintenance
1. Always connect the positive terminal firstly.
DO NOT reverse polarity otherwise the electrical equipment of motorcycle will damage.
*Some can’t be activated due to the different performance of different vehicle. Start the engine for more times or step on gas which can more easily to activate.
*Manual activation is recommend to achieve exact date recorded.
2. During acid filling, wearing acid-proof cloths, rubber boots, shield glass and rubber glove etc. If the skin and clothes are splashed by acid, wash by large quantity of water. Seek medical help if necessary.
3. DO NOT over discharging the battery, charging the battery timely after discharging.
4. Dismount or disconnect the negative terminal of battery if the motorcycle hasn’t been in service for long term.
5. DO NOT check the battery has power or not by short-circuit the terminal.
6. Regularly check the terminal connection and the surface of terminal is clean or not to ensure well connection.
7. Storage the battery where is 5~25OC, dry, ventilated and no direct sunshine. Keep the battery at least 2m away from the heat source. Regularly check and maintain the battery.
1. During the operation of the battery pack, a complete operation history record should be made regularly, and the relevant battery voltage, current, ambient temperature and other relevant data and recording time should be recorded. If the individual battery voltage is too low, perform equalization charging according to the instructions. (If the battery pack is used indoors, it is not recommended to install it in an environmental space with poor sealing and poor heat dissipation)
2. Check the tightening condition of the connecting terminals every six months. If the connecting strip is dirty or the connection is not strong, it will easily cause the battery to overheat or catch fire, which may cause serious accidents.
3. During the operation of the battery, if the battery voltage is abnormal, the surface is damaged (the battery slot, the cover has cracks or deformation), the battery fluid leaks, and the battery temperature is abnormal, the cause of the fault should be found in time.
4. The outer surface of the battery should be cleaned with clean water, not with organic solvents. It is required to ensure that the battery is used in a dry, clear and ventilated environment.

Things to pay attention;
1.The refill pack and tube do not need to recharge the battery after use.
2.The filling package used in the treatments is pure water. It does not contain harmful or corrosive substances. Care should be taken that it does not suddenly pop out while 3.pressing and removing the cover from the bottom. After filling the water, the caps must be reinstalled.
4.It should not be overcharged, it should only be charged at the appropriate time after being discharged.
5.The negative terminal of the battery that will not be used for a long time should be removed or disconnected.
6.For the connection to be solid; It should be checked regularly that the terminal surface or connection is clean.
7.Strength; MUST NOT be checked by short-circuiting the terminal!
8.It should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight at a temperature of between 5 o C and 250 o C. Battery; It should be kept at least 2 m away from heat sources and should be checked and maintained regularly.
9.LCD Screen Maintenance:
10.The screen must be protected from impact by hard materials.
11.The screen should be kept clean and dry.
The status shown on the screen should be checked regularly.
It should be noted whether it gives an audible warning or not.
When the alarm occurs, the battery should be charged immediately.
1.The electrolyte metal in it corrodes cotton products and stone.
2.To avoid electrolyte leakage, the battery should not be reversed.
3.The hydrogen produced during its operation and discharge causes explosion in fire environments.
4.It should be stored and used in well-ventilated environments.
5.There should be no sparks or flames in the environment.
6.When used at temperatures above 45 ° C, the charging current or voltage must be reduced to extend the service life of the battery.
7.The cable should not be pulled when transported with the cable. Otherwise, the cable or terminal will be damaged.
8.During assembly, the connector MUST NOT be hit with a hammer!
9.Care should be taken not to bump into something during transportation.

Batteries are delivered fully charged. During the storage before installation, the capacity of battery will decrease in different degrees. If the storage time is longer. battery should be recharged.If the storage time is less than 6 months, batteries should be recharged in constant voltage limit current 2.27V/Cell, the maximum current should be less than 0.25C A, charging time 48-72h.
1. Batteries could be in standby use and cycle use. Please charge the battery in constant voltage and limit current, the maximum current : 0.1C10-0.25 C10 A, battery standby use: 25C 2V series: 2.25V/Cell, 6V or 12V series: 2.27V/Cell; battery cycle use: 25C. 2V series: 2.35V/Cell, 6V or 12V series: 2.40V/Cell.
2.If the ambient temperature is too high or too low, in case the ambient temperature exceeds 20C — 30C , then the charging voltage should be adjusted, in case of higher temperature, decreases the charging voltage, and in lower temperature increases the charging voltage, the correction factor : 4mV/C . Besides, that ambient temperature of battery is too high or too low will also influence the capacity and the service life.
•3.Battery should be recharged after the installation or after the discharging, charging the battery in constant voltage limit current mode, charging voltage: 25C 2.35V/Cell, the maximum current: 0.1C10— 0.25C10 A. if discharging in 100% capacity, the charging time is about 24h-27h, if the charging current decreases to a very low current, and retain for 3h almost invariant or the charging electric quantity is 1.15 times of the discharging electric quantity, then consider the battery have been fully charged. 
1. During the battery working, the operator should take complete working records including battery voltage, current, ambient temperature and other relevant data and working time.
2.Operators should inspect the fastening condition of connecting terminals such as battery overheating or striking fire caused by the connecting strip smudge or loose connecting.
3. Inspecting the total float charging voltage, the operator should use voltmeter to measure the measurement number of battery positive and negative output end voltage is consistent with the indicating float charge voltage, and conforms to the required number of standard float charge voltage under the current temperature.
4. During the battery working, if battery voltage is abnormal, appearance has damage like battery container and cover has flaw or deformation), battery electrolyte leaks, battery temperature is normal, the operator should find the failure 
1.There will be no output when it is dissconnected with battery.
2.Please do make sure the positive wire(red) connects the positive terminal and the negative(black) connects the negative.
3.Please read the instructions carefully before use and installation. 
4.The voltage of the charger is equivalent with the power grid voltage.Please do not disassemble the equipment unless it is conducted by professional technicaians.
5.The charger should be used in dry and clean environment and avoid moist or dust.
6.0ther parameters unspecified can be customized. 

♦ Generally, battery are used in series connection, if batteries must be used in parallel connection, then the parallels should not be over two branches. Batteries can work in an ambient temperature of -25.0 —45t. The proper using temperature is 15t —30t. the battery room should have necessary ventilation. ♦ Batteries should be away from source of heat and spark. the security distance should be longer than 1 meter. Batteries should be stored away from direct sunlight. other rays. organic solvent gases and corrosive gases. To improve shockproof capability, the battery rack should be reinforced with foundation bolts. ♦ Batteries are delivered fully charged, so during the transportation and installation, batteries should be prevented from short circuit, be careful of the short circuit caused by batteries and metal parts of battery metal shelf or metal box touches. ♦ When installing the battery wires, the operator should use insulating tools and wear insulating gloves. also remove personal metal articles like watch. bracelets and so on. The operator should screw the bolt tightly during the connection, the proper torque should be 5-7N.M in case of battery overheating or battery striking fire caused by loose connection. ♦Batteries of different models or different capacity cannot be mixed in use. When installing terminal connecting pieces, operators should carefully inspect if the 
Don't separate or transform the battery
Don't throw the battery into the water or the fire
SPlease wear insulating gloves when connecting the battery packs
Don't install, use or store batteries in which children can touch
Don't use different brand, different capacity, different voltage and different degree of old and new batteries in series connection
There is acid inside batteries, if battery is damaged by machine and acid splash the 

Outdo Battery

The outdo battery, which is in the gel battery family, has a digital display in terms of electronic type batteries. However, this quality battery type, which is designed according to the new VRLA concept, can be easily checked whether it is full during the actual process, unlike other battery types. Outdo batteries, which are in the top quality battery list, are a special battery model with high technologies. In this way, information is sent directly over the system about how often these batteries are active. However, in case of low charge in these professional batteries, this situation is automatically notified to the user directly on the digital screen. At the same time, there are integrated standby mode filling packages at the bottom of the battery cover section.

Outdo Battery Reviews

Outdo batteries, which are one of the best-selling professional batteries in the internet world, have a lot of outdo battery reviews. Looking at the comments made by the users, it can be seen that the professional battery is extremely useful. Many users, on the other hand, state that although the outdo battery has high technology, it has a price that appeals to every budget. It is known that outdo batteries, which are appreciated by their users, have a more effortless use compared to other battery types. Since these batteries automatically communicate with their users in all functions, they offer advantages in terms of both time and cost. In outdo batteries, which are among the most advantageous batteries, when the end period is approached, the filling package can be preferred effortlessly, thus extending the battery service period.

Outdo Battery Origin

Outdo battery origin, which has a very wide usage area, is offered for sale in types such as 65 ah 12 v, 200 ah 12 v. These professional battery models, which are very simple to maintain and apply, are recommended to be mounted directly within 3 months. Outdo batteries, which have a more careful maintenance compared to other battery types, need to be protected from hard and similar damaging factors in the maintenance of the LCD screen. Keeping the screen dry and hygienic and observing the LCD screen on a regular basis are important for the outdo battery to function properly.

Outdo Gel Battery Prices

Outdo gel battery prices, which have a wide variety, have a more attractive price list compared to previous years. However, as with other battery types, the price tariff of these leading battery models varies from company to company. In this respect, in order to reach the most suitable price tariff for outdo batteries, the company site that sells quality and guaranteed outdo batteries, which are experts in their field, should be preferred. Outdo batteries, which have many advantages, are sold over new and second hand, as in other battery models. However, as stated by expert companies, it is recommended to purchase the product on a guaranteed and zero basis in order to obtain high quality and performance in outdo batteries. It is recommended to visit the company website for the price of Outdo batteries.

Outdo Gel Battery Reviews

One of the curious points about outdo batteries, which can be ordered 24/7 in the comfort of home, is outdo gel battery reviews. Outdo gel batteries, which are preferred worldwide, have a different design and operation than other batteries and receive positive comments from their users. Many outdo gel battery users state that they are extremely satisfied with the product. Many users, on the other hand, state that outdo batteries have an easy maintenance and that they provide a signal via the battery digital panel, especially with the decrease of the charge state. In this way, the outdo battery, which is among the advantageous batteries, is also recommended by Turkey users. To purchase outdo batteries, the official outdo battery sales site should be visited.

Outdo Gel Battery Complaint

Since outdo gel batteries sold on the original product guarantee company site have a flawless functioning, outdo gel battery complaint messages are out of question. Outdo gel batteries, which have the best price guarantee, are appreciated by their users because they have maximum energy and move with technology. Outdo gel battery, which is the most prestigious battery of 2019, is also preferred by professional battery companies thanks to its high performance in the field. Outdo gel batteries, which have a cheap price tariff, are variable, but the filling time can exceed 8 years. Outdo gel batteries, which are mostly preferred in wind energy, solar energy and photovoltaic systems, have a wide range of use.

Outdo Gel Battery 200 Amps

Among the outdo gel batteries, which have different models, as in other battery types, outdo gel battery, especially the 200 amp type, is preferred both in our country and around the world. This high-tech mo

How long is the warranty period from the date of sale of the battery?

1. Warranty Period for all Agromot AGM Deep Cycle Gel Batteries is 2 years (24 months).

2. The warranty period of the goods replaced under warranty is the remaining warranty period of the first purchased goods. The warranty period is not restarted. Where and how can I have the battery checked during the warranty period?

1. You can get service by sending the product to the factory address written on the invoice, by packing it in a way to be sure of its soundness, provided that the product is invoiced to the nearest cargo or transport company in your region. For support, you can get detailed information and service from the customer support line at

2. The relevant transport company or the customer is responsible for the damage of the product sent for warranty during transportation.

What should I do if the battery fails?

In case of malfunction of the accumulator, the relevant dealers should be contacted immediately with the product invoice. In case of any intervention to the battery other than authorized services, the battery is out of warranty.

Does the warranty period change if the battery is replaced under warranty? As a result of the inspection of the defective battery by the authorized service, it will replace the fabricated defective battery with an equivalent new one, which is discovered within the warranty period from the date of sale.

The warranty period of the battery replaced during the warranty application is limited to the remaining warranty period of the first purchased battery.

In which cases are batteries not covered under warranty?

The battery is not covered by the warranty as a result of the situations described below in the analysis of the battery by the authorized service.

a) Errors and malfunctions in the hardware of the system (Charge Regulator, alternator, conductor, leakage in the electrical installation, lamp that remains constantly on, use of instantaneous water heater, overcurrent buffer drawn as a result of the use of resistance, 1.5 times the wattage of the battery capacity in the system and above) inwerter usage, webasto, etc.) plate wear caused by charging after hardening of the battery,

b) Explosions caused by current discharge due to static electricity, short-circuiting of battery terminals and loose connection, battery and system damages caused by not connecting the polarity of the battery in accordance with the system cable polarity (reverse connection),

c) After the battery is installed in the system, wear (deformation, impact, crack, etc.)

d) Premature wear and tear resulting from battery selection that is not suitable for the system is not covered by the warranty.

e) Instant high current devices added to the system later, AC Air Conditioner etc. It should be checked that the hardware is within the capacity of the accumulator defined for the system. Otherwise, the battery is not covered by the warranty.

f) Malfunctions due to storage of the battery in unsuitable conditions (direct sunlight, snow or rain), exposure to extreme heat or cold.

g) In systems operating with two batteries, either in series (24V) or in parallel (12V), in cases where a separate output from any of the batteries causes an imbalance in the charge or discharge of the battery, it is not covered by the warranty.

h)- If the Battery Swells, Overcharge The swelling of the batteries is due to rapid gas release. In general, small Current Capacity is due to rapid charging of batteries at high currents and high temperatures in a short time. The container/box of the battery is curved from the sides and can be easily seen with the eye.

4-Sulphated Battery that has not been charged for a long time and is completely discharged. If the batteries are not charged for a long time, they will self-discharge 3-5% every month. If the batteries are not fully charged and stored for long periods of time when they are not used (that is, if they are left empty), they fall below 8V in a short time. Normally, even if gel batteries go below 8 Volts, they must be brought back to life. Most are reduced to 10% of their Capacity. The battery that goes below 8V is a sulfated battery, and it is definitely not under warranty. A white sulfate layer begins to form on the surface of the positive and negative plates in the accumulator, where sulphation begins. In batteries that have been waiting in this condition for a long time, this layer becomes stable and the battery becomes inoperable. Sulphated plates need to be charged for a long time with low current in order to be operational. Under load, the voltage difference drops rapidly from 10 V. If the plates have been overcharged for a while, the positive plates can easily break even with a little pressure. If the exposure to overcharging is prolonged, the positive grids will oxidize and the plates will become thinner.


c) After the battery is installed in the system, wear that may occur in the battery due to impacts caused by external effects (deformation, impact, crack, etc.),

d) Premature wear and tear resulting from battery selection that is not suitable for the system is not covered by the warranty.

e) Instant high current devices added to the system later, AC Air Conditioner etc. It should be checked that the hardware is within the capacity of the accumulator defined for the system. Otherwise, the battery will not be covered by the warranty.

Outdo 12Volt 150AH  Gel Battery

%50 Decharge Number Cycle Life 1200  
10 Years Battery life , 3 Years warranty
Original Huawei Outdo Manufacturer
Solar Battery SLA SMF VRLA High Rate
TSE, UL,ISO,CE Certicate MSDS Cert

Solar ,Energy, Wind Power, UPS, Marine
-20º C  to 45ºC  Working Temperature
Huawei Power Science & Technology

Battary Voltage Range
Capacity Range
Number fo Cycle  Life
GTIP Custom Code :85072000 Brand origin China Huawei Outdo
Total  Power Capacity 1800Vah

Vigor Aloto; As a family company with its experienced staff, it has been serving wholesale and retail in the automotive, electrical and electronics sectors of our country since 1996. Headquartered in Ankara, our company pays great attention to sales and after-sales service with its experienced staff and quality service understanding.

Keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront is the main principle of our company. Our service areas are mainly; industrial battery, automobile battery, motorcycle battery, forklift battery, UPS, tire, wheel sales and service.

Vigor is the brand of Aloto company, which has been importing and distributing batteries in Turkey for 27 years. Vigor Huawei company's outdo brand is produced in its factory under the same quality and guarantee conditions. The certificate and approval document related to the Huawei/Outdo company vigor brand is published on our website.
Aloto is one of the most serious and high satisfaction battery companies in Turkey. It is a company that has a battery recycling facility with service qualification, TSE, CE certificate.
Vigor brand is one of the longest-lasting batteries of the market in energy storage products, gel and dry batteries. Net life of 5-10 years. It offers the possibility of one-to-one replacement in case of faulty product.

Injected with Gel electrolyte instead of acid, the battery is of super performance. Higher capacity. Good performance in the low temperatures, can meet requirements of starting currents in 30t to -SOY . Stable characteristic in high temperatures. can meet requirements of its usage in temperature of 60t and even higher . Longer cycle service life than normal lead acid battery type. 
To be one of the leading companies in the sector without sacrificing company reliability and product quality according to the needs of the sector. It is to carry customer satisfaction to the top by constantly improving its product and service quality with its reliable and innovative approach.
Vigor Deep Cycle Gel batteries are designed for maintenance-free usage and produced for high performance and trouble-free charge and discharges thanks to its Dry Battery Technology. Provides wide product range for power charge. Particular usage areas;
"Motorhome, Caravan, Tiny and Wooden House •Marine yachts and boats
-Solar powered home and workplace systems Telecommunication infrastructure networks
-UPS storage systems
As a result of long time experience and know-how of Vigor Outdo huawei in deep discharge agm battery systems and excellent engineering technology:
-Strong Polypropylene casing-Impregnated AGM separators providing maximum reach by Deep cycle andinstantaneous current draw Controllable process calibration
provide Vigor to sustain among the companies in the World market for many years long in terms of quality.
Vigor Battery Manufacturer
Nano Carbon Vigor is one of the Turkey  leading companies in the industry of lead acid battery manufacturing. Established in 2019, it has grown into a large comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production and marketing, With more than 20 years of development, our motorcycle starter batteries, e-bike batteries, UPS batteries, energy storage batteries, housing power system, as well as plastics & hardware accessories, excel in the fast-growing ‘global market.
As a result of our engineering system with superior technology in deep discharge Deep Cycle battery systems with Vigor's long years of experience and knowledge;
*Strong ABS Polypropylene case
*AGM separators impregnated with a special formula that allows deep cycle and instant current draw to reach maximum
*Controllable process calibration
It has ensured that our batteries maintain their place among the companies in the world market for years.
Temperature Dependent Capacity
The capacity performance of the battery at the appropriate temperature is stated above. Optimal usage temperature during discharge should be between 25-30 °C. It is not recommended that the temperature of the batteries exceed the maximum: 49 °C during charging.
The chemical reactions taking place in the battery are directly related to the voltage and temperature. The higher the battery temperature, the faster the chemical reactions take place. While higher temperatures may provide improved charge-discharge performance, increased chemical reaction rate may result in consequent loss of battery life. In general, the reaction doubles for every 10 °C increase in temperature. Therefore, one month of operation at 35 °C is equivalent to two months of battery life at 25 °C. Since temperature is the enemy of all batteries, even small increases can have a huge impact on battery life.
The life of our batteries is directly related to usage. The variation of discharge and charge (CYCLE) according to capacity is given in the table. For example, when a 10 AH battery is charged by discharging 30%, it will have a lifetime of up to 1800 CYCLE in total. However, if the charge made at the end of 80% discharge is continued continuously, the life of the battery can be reduced up to 400-450 CYCLE.

Nano Carbon Vigor Battery produce

12AH 4AH
12AH 7AH
12AH 9AH
12V 14AH
12V 20AH
12V 24AH
12V 26AH
12v 28AH
12V 33AH
12V 40AH
12V 55AH
12V 65AH
12V 100AH
12V 150AH
12V 200AH
12V  240AH

1.Adopting low-Ccalcium 8 high-Tin tin alloy grid, high anti-corrosive performance, lower battery gas evolution;
2.With special lead paste formula. our batteries have good endurance cycle capability and charging acceptance and strong deep cycle good recovery performance after deep cycle userecoverability;
3.The turned silica that is adopted as the key raw material of gel electrolyte is produced in Huawei Outdo in China:
4.6attenes have long service life, good deep discharging cycle capability;
5.Gel batteries have better heal dissipation than AGM sealed batteries. reduced the possibility ofnot easy to have thermal runaway;
6.The self-discharge rate gel batteries is less than 1%/month;
7.The uniform part of gel battery electrolyte inside battery equally distributed has no layering phenomenon and the electrolyte is is not readily not easy to dry up:
8.Battery producing adopts high purity raw material, advanced manufacturing equipment to ensure battery performance stability and consistency:
9.Battory electrolyte contains silica solludox, so there is no dissociative acid or layering phenomenon inside, ensureing the good low temperature performance and service life of batteries:
10.Battery The design life of standby use life of batteries at 25°C is over 10 years. 

Solar power off-grid systems
Wind power systems Wind and PV hybrid power systems
Solar power energy storage systems for domestic use
Solar power street lighting Traffic lights Navigation lights Unattended highways
Railway communication power supply and some other cycle use
DC energy Storage power applications. 
Datacenter, Electrictoys, Emergency lamp, Power Tools, Medical Treatment, Alarm system
Standby power supply,firefightnig  equipments
Marine , Ship, yacth, underwater

Vigor  Energy Storage Battery
-Adopting low-Calcium & high-Tin alloy grid, high anti-corrosive performance, low battery gas evolution;
-With special lead paste formula, our batteries have good endurance cycle capability and charging acceptance and good recovery performance after deep cycle use;
-The fumed silica that is adopted as the key raw material of gel electrolyte is produced in germany;
-Batteries have long service life, good deep discharging cycle capability;
-Gel batteries have better heat dissipation than AGM sealed batteries, reduced the possibility of thermal runaway;
-The self-discharge of gel batteries is less than 1%/month;
-The electrolyte inside battery equally distributed has no layering phenomenonand the electrolyte is not readily to dry up;
-Battery producing adopts high purity raw material, advanced manufacturing equipment to ensure battery performance stability and consistency;
-Battery electrolyte contains silica sol, so no dissociative acid or layering phenomenon inside, ensure the good low temperature performance and service life of batteries;
-.Battery design life of standby use at 25℃ is over 10 years.

Vigor General Features
-2+1  years product warranty
-Customer-oriented warranty terms
-The variable charge design life is more than 8 years.
-Long shelf life and waiting time
-High quality, high efficiency
-Safety and reliability
-maintenance free
-vibration resistant
-Low self-discharge rate
-Superior performance on long discharges
-corrosion resistance
-High energy density at all discharge rates
-High cycle count
-High temperature endurance

High Technology - Leakproof - Smart Vigor Deep Discharge Gel Battery
Outdo Gel Battery; It is fully closed, maintenance free and has very low self-discharge rates. The battery cover is of the buckle type and is very easy to open. The sealing technique is quite robust and safe. When the gel electrolyte is filled, it performs much better at low and high temperatures, and it works flawlessly at -20 o C to +60º C weather conditions. Battery plates are made of a very special material that prolongs the life of the battery. + plates produced from high purity alloys with low Ca and high tin content increase corrosion resistance. Outdo deep discharge gel batteries; Thanks to the combination of superior grid and gel technology, it provides the reliability and longevity required for daily renewable energy needs. Ideal for use in daily cyclical and harsh environmental conditions.
There is an electronic LCD screen on the gel electronic batteries, which are produced according to the new VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery concept, which monitors the instantaneous charge status of the battery in real time and is also used as a usage counter.
In case of low charge or capacity, there is an automatic alarm system that prompts the user to fill the battery on time, and the number of days the battery has worked is also recorded. Thanks to the audible warning, the batteries offer the correct and best performance.

Average Cycle Life by Depth of Discharge
100% Discharge - 250 Cycle
50% Discharge - 1250 Cycles
30% Discharge - 1850 Cycle
Thanks to the integrated Standby Mode refill packs located under the battery cover; when the battery is nearing the end of its life, it can be easily recharged and the service life of the battery can be extended.

Capacity available:
12V20Ah, 12V33Ah, 12V40Ah, 12V55Ah, 12V65Ah, 12V75Ah, 12V85Ah, 12V100Ah, 12V120Ah, 12V150Ah, 12V200Ah, 12V250Ah

Safety, High discharging and recharging performance, stock-proof, impact-proof, resistance to over charge and over discharge, leakage protection, stable, large capacity, long life service, Low self-discharge rate, Easy installation and handling

Battery Electrical Features
Battery Nominal Capacity 150
Battary Voltage 12
Battery  Types Gel
Battery Cycle Use %50 1000
Battery Internal Resistance mΩ 25°C 3.4
Maximum Discharge Current Amper 1600
Absorption Charge Current Amper 45
Battary Float Voltage Volt 13.8
Self Descharge 25ºC % 1
Battery Features Turkish Brand 3 years Warranty %50 DoD 1000 cyle ABS UL-94 Case
Battery Mechanical Features
Battery Dimension 484x170x241 mm (19.06x6.69x9.49inch)
Battery Weight kg 46.9
Battery Terminal Type T3 M8
Battery Certificates
Battery Design Life Years 10
Battery Made In China
Battery Certificates ISO9001, ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001,ISO 45001, UL, TSE, CE,MSDS
Battery Warranty Time 3
Battery Customer Rate %100 94

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