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Victron Energy Multiplus 5000wat 5000/24 24Volt Inverter 120A Battery charger 100A(Switch)

Victron Energy Multiplus 5000wat 5000/24 24Volt Inverter 120A Battery charger 100A(Switch)

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Victron Energy is a global-scale Dutch company that produces high quality, digitally controlled, programmable product durable inverter chargers, batteries and control devices. Victron energy input and output protections that can operate under heavy conditions are very safe products. There is a wide range of products that can be connected in parallel, communicate with each other, modular, and where you can find products of all sizes and voltages. Example If you are looking for an inverter with a power of 5KVA at 12volts, victron energy will offer you the right product.

For a more accurate purchase decision, I recommend you to read the following advantages and disadvantages

Victron Energy Advantages and Application Areas

- Yacht Boat, Ship Marine applications

-Caravan and Mobile systems

- Modular large off-grid solar energy systems that need parallel and 3 phases

-Computer, SCADA and advanced applications where remote management is required

- Where high security and heavy industrial conditions are required

-In projects where the input and output values ​​can be adjusted at desired intervals.

- Instant fluctuating load and input voltage tolerance for wide applications

- Long life and in applications where maintenance is difficult

-Because they are transformers, they are resistant to output load imbalances and sudden high loads, they do not break easily.

-Manufacturer company (I don't mean domestic importers) has high customer satisfaction in terms of warranty.

- It has all kinds of feature videos about the product and a large source document in Turkish and English.

-Product certificates are reliable documents issued by independent institutions with international validity.

- Test reports have very detailed and real laboratory values.

- Input and output terminals are very robust and safe.

- It has a solid outer casing.

- Very easy to update new software

Victron Energy Disadvantages

- 3 times more expensive than equivalents with the same functions

- It is very heavy as it has a transformer structure

-Repairs are expensive and there is no service everywhere.

- Difficult to find sufficient stocks at importers

- Advanced technical service knowledge is required to use, program and manage the products.

-Contrary to popular belief, their efficiency is lower than Chinese made electronic inverters. System efficiencies, which are written around 90% in the catalogues, can only reach 70% at full load.

-It is difficult to find everywhere, because it is sold in certain suppliers, competition conditions could not be created for the customer.

-There is no office or official distributor in our country, the management of the global brand is managed by a person on a personal basis as a home office without an office.

- If there is a user error when it malfunctions, the repair possibilities are very limited.

- Spare parts and electronic parts are scarce.

- There is not nearly enough technical personnel involved in programming and using products, including importers, in Turkey. The answer you will receive to all of the questions will consist of reading the catalog information from the book to your face and sending you the link of the relevant user manual.

-It does not have a structure that can be used for energy saving in solar applications. The purpose is only produced to produce 220v/380v safely. Many customer products in the field do not have solar energy management without the need for the grid, except for emergencies. In general, UPS mode is the most useful operating mode.

- Use by inexperienced people may cause unpleasant consequences, as it accepts the setting that will cause self-damage if programmed incorrectly.

- Although it is very expensive, there is no surge arrester and high voltage protection system at its inputs and outputs.

- Since the output filter is very weak, the windings may burn in loads that cause harmonic formation.

- Since inverters and chargers do not have an indicator, it is necessary to buy them in addition to high prices.

Activating equalisation or forced absorption

The MultiPlus can be put into both these states from the remote panel as well as with the front panel switch, provided that all switches (front, remote and panel) are set to “on” and no switches are set to “charger only”. In order to put the MultiPlus in this state, the procedure below should be followed. If the switch is not in the required position after following this procedure, it can be switched over quickly once. This will not change the charging state. NOTE: Switching from “on” to “charger only” and vice versa, as described below, must be done quickly. The switch must be toggled such that the intermediate position is 'skipped', as it were. If the switch remains in the “off” position even for a short time, the device may be turned off. In that case, the procedure must be restarted at step 1. A certain degree of familiarisation is required when using the front switch on the Compact in particular. When using the remote  panel, this is less critical.


Settings that are not self-explanatory are described briefly below. For further  information, please refer to the help files in the software configuration programs 

Inverter frequency

Output frequency if no AC is present at the input.  Adjustability: 50 Hz; 60 Hz Input frequency range Input frequency range accepted by the MultiPlus. The MultiPlus synchronises within  this range with the AC input frequency. The output frequency is then equal to the input frequency.

Adjustability: 45 – 65 Hz; 45 – 55 Hz; 55 – 65 Hz

Input voltage range

Voltage range accepted by the MultiPlus. The MultiPlus synchronises within this  range with the AC input voltage. The output voltage is then equal to the input voltage.  Adjustability:

Lower limit: 180 - 230 V

Upper limit: 230 - 270 V

Inverter voltage

Output voltage of the MultiPlus in battery operation. Adjustability: 210 – 245 V Stand-alone / parallel operation / 2-3 phase setting

Using several devices, it is possible to: increase total inverter power (several devices in parallel) 

create a split-phase system

create a 3-phase system.

The standard product settings are for standalone operation. For parallel, three  phase or split phase operation see section  Search Mode (Applicable in stand-alone configuration only)  If search mode is “on”, the power consumption in no-load operation is decreased by approx. 70 %. In this mode the Compact, when operating in inverter mode, is switched off in case of no load or very low load, and switches on every two seconds  for a short period. If the output current exceeds a set level, the inverter will continue to operate. If not, the inverter will shut down again. The Search Mode can be set with a DIP switch. The Search Mode “shut down” and “remain on” load levels can be set with VEConfigure. The standard settings are: Shut down: 40 Watt (linear load)

Victron Energy Multiplus 5000/24  120A Charged Inverter 100A Transfer

Programmable Separate two AC Output
45 kW / 54 kVA three phase inverter
Virtually unlimited power parallel ope
Remote monitoring system integration

PowerAssist Boosting capacity of shore

Marine Caravan Mobil Heavy Condition
Four stage adaptive charger dual bank
Lithium-Ion LifePo4 battery compatible

Power Out
 DC Range
Charge Current
GTIP Custom Code :85044010 Brand origin Nederland (Made in China and India)
Switch Current:100A
Two AC Outputs
The main output has no break functionality. The MultiPlus takes over the supply to the connected loads in the event of a grid failure or when shore/generator power is disconnected. This happens so fast (less than 20 milliseconds) that computers and other electronic equipment will continue to operate without disruption. The second output is live only when AC is available on the input of the MultiPlus. Loads that should not discharge the battery, like a water heater for example can be connected to this output (second output available on models rated at 3 kVA and more).
Virtually unlimited power thanks to parallel operation
Up to 6 Multis can operate in parallel to achieve higher power output. Six 24/5000/120 units, for example, will provide 25 kW / 30 kVA output power with 720 Amps charging capacity.
Three phase capability
In addition to parallel connection, three units of the same model can be configured for three phase output. But that’s not all: up to 6 sets of three units can be parallel connected for a 75 kW / 90 kVA inverter and more than 2000 Amps charging capacity.
PowerControl -
Dealing with limited generator, shore side or grid power . The MultiPlus is a very powerful battery charger. It will therefore draw a lot of current from the generator or shore side supply (nearly 10 A per 5 kVA Multi at 230 VAC). With the Multi Control Panel a maximum generator or shore current can be set. The MultiPlus will then take account of other AC loads and use whatever is extra for charging, thus preventing the generator or shore supply from being overloaded.
- Boosting the capacity of shore or generator power
This feature takes the principle of PowerControl to a further dimension. It allows the MultiPlus to supplement the capacity of the alternative source. Where peak power is so often required only for a limited period, the MultiPlus will make sure that insufficient shore or generator power is immediately compensated for by power from the battery. When the load reduces, the spare power is used to recharge the battery.
Solar energy:
AC power available even during a grid failure . The MultiPlus can be used in off grid as well as grid connected PV and other alternative energy systems. Loss of mains detection software is available.
System configuring
- In case of a stand-alone application, if settings have to be changed, this can be done in a matter of minutes with a DIP switch setting procedure.
- Parallel and three phase applications can be configured with VE.Bus Quick Configure and VE.Bus System Configurator software.
- Off grid, grid interactive and self-consumption applications, involving grid-tie inverters and/or MPPT Solar Chargers can be configured with Assistants (dedicated software for specific applications).
On-site Monitoring and control
Several options are available: Battery Monitor, Multi Control Panel, Color Control GX or other GX devices, smartphone or  tablet (Bluetooth Smart), laptop or computer (USB or RS232). Remote Monitoring and control Color Control GX or other GX devices. Data can be stored and displayed on our VRM (Victron Remote Management) website, free of charge.
Remote configuring
When connected to the Ethernet, systems with a Color Control GX or other GX device can be accessed and settings can be changed remotely
1) Can be adjusted to 60 HZ. 120 V models available on request
2) Protection key:
 a) output short circuit
 b) overload
 c) battery voltage too high
 d) battery voltage too low
 e) temperature too high
 f) 230 VAC on inverter output
 g) input voltage ripple too high
3) Non-linear load, crest factor 3:1
4) At 25˚C ambient
5) Switches off when no external AC source available
6) Programmable relay that can a.o. be set for general alarm,
 DC under voltage or genset start/stop function   AC rating: 230 V/4A   DC rating: 4 A up to 35 VDC, 1 A up to 60 VDC

VE.Direct communication port
The VE.Direct port can be connected to:
• A computer (VE.Direct to USB interface cable needed)
• Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, MacBook’s and other devices (VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle needed)
Fully configurable:
• Low battery voltage alarm trip and reset levels
• Low battery voltage cut-off and restart levels
• Dynamic cut-off: load dependent cut-off level
• Output voltage 210 - 245V
• Frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz
• ECO mode on/off and ECO mode sense level Monitoring:
• In- and output voltage, % load and alarms

Proven reliability
The full bridge plus toroidal transformer topology has proven its reliability over many years. The inverters are short circuit proof and protected against overheating, whether due to overload or
high ambient temperature.
High start-up power
Needed to start loads such as power converters for LED lamps, halogen lamps or electric tools. 
ECO mode
When in ECO mode, the inverter will switch to standby when the load decreases below a preset value (min load: 15W). Once in standby the inverter will switch on for a short period (adjustable, default: every 2,5 seconds). If the load exceeds a preset level, the inverter will remain on. 
Remote on/off
A remote on/off switch can be connected to a two-pole connector, or between battery plus and the left-hand contact of the two-pole connector.
LED diagnosis
Please see manual for a description. To transfer the load to another AC source: the automatic transfer switch For our low power inverters, we recommend our Filax Automatic Transfer Switch. The Filax features
a very short switchover time (less than 20 milliseconds) so that computers and other electronic equipment will continue to operate without disruption.
Multi Compact -functional
The MultiPlus Compact gets its name from the multiple functions it can perform. It is a powerful true sine wave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger that features adaptive charge technology and a high-speed AC transfer switch in a single compact enclosure. Beside these primary functions, however, the MultiPlus Compact has several advanced features that provide a range of new applications as outlined below.
Uninterrupted AC power
In the event of a grid failure, or shore or generator power being disconnected, the inverter within the Multi Compact is automatically activated and takes over supply to the connected loads. This happens so fast (less than 20 milliseconds) that computers and other electronic equipment will continue to operate without disruption. PowerControl – Dealing with limited generator or shore side power
With a Phoenix Multi Control Panel a maximum generator or shore current can be  set. The Multi Compact will then take account of other AC loads and use whatever is extra for charging, thus preventing the generator or shore supply from being  overloaded
– Boosting the capacity of shore or generator power  This feature takes the principle of PowerControl to a further dimension allowing the MultiPlus Compact to supplement the capacity of the alternative source. Where peak power is so often required only for a limited period, it is possible to reduce the size of generator needed or conversely enable more to be achieved from the typically limited shore connection. When the load reduces, the spare power is used to recharge the battery
Inverter Electrical Features
Inverter Rated Power (Wat) 5000
Maximum PV Input Power (Wat) 0
PV Start Voltage (DC Volt) 0
PV Max Voltage (DC Volt) 0
Max Operation Voltage (DC Volt) 0
Max Surge Power (Wat/VA) 10000
Inverter Type Charger Inverter
İnverter Sinus Type Pure
Application OffGrid
Battery Voltage (DC Volt) 24
Output Voltage (AC Volt) 230
Number of Phase 1
Frequency Range 45 Hz/65 Hz (Auto sensing)
Solar Charge Type AC
Solar Charge Current(DC Amper) 0
Grid Charge Current(DC Amper) 120
Inverter Efficiency % 95
Inverter Displays LED, Buzzer, VeBus
Number of MPPT 0
Number of String 0
Grid Transfer Switch msecond 20
Power Consumption (wat/h) 30
Standby Power Consumption (Wat/h) 10
Number of Parallel 6
Inverter Protection

output short circuit, overload, battery voltage too high, battery voltage too low, temperature too high 
> 230 VAC on inverter output, input voltage ripple too high , Non-linear load, crest factor 3:1, at 25˚C ambient,

Switches off when no external AC source available, Programmable relay that can a.o. be set for general alarm,

DC under voltage or genset start/stop function AC rating: 230 V/4A DC rating: 4 A up to 35 VDC, 1 A up to 60 VDC

Origin Nederland
Mechanical Features
Inverter Dimension mm/ inch 444 x 328 x 240 (17.48x12.91x9.45)
Inverter Weight kg 30 (66.01 lb)
Inverter Mounting Wall
Operating Enviroment
Max Operation Temperature ºC/ºF 65
Min Operation Temperature ºC/ºF -40
Cooling Fan
Humidity % 95
Certificates Warranty
Certificates EN-IEC 60335-1, EN-IEC 60335-2-29, IEC 62109-1, EN 55014-1, EN 55014-2
EN-IEC 61000-3-2, EN-IEC 61000-3-3, IEC 61000-6-1, IEC 61000-6-2, IEC 61000-6-3 ,12 V ve 24 V
modeller: ECE R10-4
Warranty Years 5

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