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INVT 177 HP 132 kW Threephase (3x380) VFD solar pumping inverters

INVT 177 HP 132 kW Threephase (3x380) VFD solar pumping inverters

Brand:INVT Elec
Product Code: GD100-132G-4-PV
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WARNING &Installation

1 Installation environment

- No Water drops, steam, dust or oily dust surrounded

- No caustic or inflammable gas and liquid surrounded

- No floating dust and metal particles surrounded

- Solid base without vibration

 - No electromagnetic or noise interference

 - Ambient temperature should be -10°C ~ +50°C; in case that the ambient temperature is higher than 40°C and that it is overheated, it should be stored in a place where there is good ventilation

2-Installation Instructions and Space Limit

 -It should be installed on the fire-proof frame, for example metal frame, in case that it causes fire accidents

 -It should be mounted by screws vertically; upside-down, slant or horizontal mounting are not allowed

 -Spare space must be ensured for the ventilation of converter in case that it's overheated while it's running

 -Ventilation must be taken into consideration to ensure that ambient temperature is lower than specified value when converter is installed inside a control cabinet

 -To minimize the heat effect on each other, they should be horizontally installed abreast if two or more converters are installed in the same control cabinet; Baffle plate must be set up between them for the same reason if they have to be installed vertically

 -It should be kept away from various impurity, such as fiber, paper scraps, wood chips or metal filing

- PE earth terminal must be connected with the ground

- The rated voltage must be in conformity with AC voltage

 -Power cords must be connected with the terminal R, S and T while lines for motor should beconnected with terminal U,V and W; any incorrect connection may cause damage to the internalcomponents of converter

 -The reliability of the terminals and wires must be evaluated before wiring, and screws for theterminals of major loop must be fastened solidly.

To avoid electric shock, do not touch the terminals of major loop

1 Connection of input terminal R, S, T or L, N

An additional breaker/chopper must be connected in series with the terminals of major loop(R,S,T or L,N) and three-phase AC or Single-phase AC input. For better running, an electromagnetic contactor should be connected with them in series so that it could cut off the power while the protection function of converter is activated (Tip: R-C surge absorbers should be added to the ends of electromagnetic contactor.

If an additional

earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) is installed as a protective device for electric leakage , the sensitivity of current should be more than 200mA while actuation time should be no less than 0.1 second in order to prevent ELCB from ma l function ing.

AC reactor must be connected with the input terminals in case that some of rectifiers are damaged by high voltage and high current input circuit from the grid , which could also improve the power factors of input terminals.

Do not control the converter by adopting the wa y of powering on or off major loop. Instead of that, RUN/STOP buttons on the keyboard or control loop terminals should be applied to the control of converter; if it has to be controlled by that way, it can be implemented only once every one hour.

It's feas ible to reduce the interference with devices nearby by connecting an additional noise filter with the input terminals.

Do not connect converter driven by three phase power to single phase source.

INVT Motor Sürücü

Support Maximum MPPT %99 Efficen.
485 communication, SPI, GPRS, PG
Solar MPPT mode and  PID mode
Support IM, PM, hybrid AC DC mode 

Support PV ,AC grid input together

Support full water and low water P.
Support remote monitoring online GPRS
Three Phase, mono Phase ,Sine Wave

AC Out Power Range
DC Bus Bar Voltage Range
GTIP Custom Code :8504409999 Manufacturer  
INVT (Shenzhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd) has been concentrating on industry automation and energy power since its foundation in 2002 and is committed to “Providing the best product and service to allow customers more competitiveness” Solar pump system uses the inexhaustible solar energy resources, no pollution. This technology has a wide application prospect in remote areas with less water and less electricity.
In this system, pump controller is a critical part which can transfer DC power from PV panels to AC power to drive the various AC motors.

-Effective protection function, including PV over-voltage protection, PV polarity reverse warning, auto derating against over-temperature, etc.
-Advanced MPPT algorithms: solar power tracking efficiency reaches 99%.
-Support GPRS module, which can remote monitor the VFD by using the APP.
-Automatically start or sleep only after being connected to solar panel without any parameter setting.
-Optional boost module for 2.2kW and below, to make the pump work in low voltage and reduce the cost.
-Optional cabinet product for IP54 protection level.

AC Input Voltage (V)220V-240V(%15) 1PH220V-240V(%15) 1PH220V-240V(%15) 3PH380V-440V (%15) 3PH380V-440V (%15) 3PH
Max DC Input Voltage(V)440440440800900
Start-up voltage (V)200200200300300
Lowest working voltage (V)150150150250250
Reommended DC Input (V)200~400200~-400200~400300~750300~750
Recommended MPPT (V)330330330550550
Rated output voltage (V)
Output frequency range (HZ)0~4000~4000~4000~4000~400
Installation MethodWall MountingRail MountingW/Flange InstallationW/Flange Installation
Flange Installation

Enveiroment Parameter

every 1ºC  %2 derate

-10ºC~+50ºC   1ºC %1 derate%99%99%99%99
Cooling  Protect Level

IP20:IP54 Cabinet/Fan

Goodrive100-PV series are inverters that INVT newly launches specially for solar pumping applications.Compared with existing solar pumping inverters,Goodrive100-PV series improve the usability and performance and extend applicable voltage levels and power range.

Advantages of GD100-PV series
1-Be suitable for single phase and 3-phase water pump.
2-Built-in MPPT controller and excellent MPPT algorithm for various photovoltaic panels.
3-IP54 cabinet solution, meets various harsh outdoor environments, and can be installed in the outdoor directly.
4-Support the boost modular less than 2.2kW, increase the PV output voltage.
5-Support PV input and AC grid input together, realize the switching function automatically, without human intervention.
6-Include water level control logic, avoid dry run status and added full water protection.
7-Start smoothly for reducing the voltage spike to motor.
8-Low start voltage and wide input voltage range give more possibilities for accepting multi PV strings configuration and different type of PV module.
9-Digital intelligent control can flexible adjust and set pump’s speed range. In addition to soft start function also can provide lightning protection, overvoltage, over current, overload protection function.
10-Support GPRS modular, people can operate the system by website platform or mobile phone apps

Because the GD100-PV integrates so many features, such as reduce the PV input voltage, switch power input channel between DC and AC, high IP class IP54, and so on, the end users don’t need to maintain the solar inverter any more after setting the parameters in the first time.

After sunset the light will be weak, GD100-PV can detect the PV voltage is less than the setting point, it will change the power input channel from PV to AC grid automatically. If only PV channel input, GD100-PV will hibernate in the weak sun light and wake up automatically in the morning.

 Solar Pumps are used in most of the rural areas, where electricity is not available, Farmers and customers sometimes have to rely on alternate sources such as solar power for irrigation and drinking water, which is the reliable source of energy. Solar pumps system uses the generated power from PV and converts it to drive the pumps to lift the water for usages. The solar pump system includes photovoltaic panel, electronic device (Solar drive) and AC motor/PM motor, whereas an electronic device is a combination of Controller, MPPT, and VFD.


a) The controller can automatically start only after connected to solar panel without any parameter setting ,it has automatically start function.

b) It can control single phase and 3 phase Single phase Asynchronous ,PM motor / BLDC

c) It support GPRS, booster module

d) MPPT efficiency is 99.9% and drive efficiency is 96%


It depends on motor and drive power Voltage add in series connection & current remains constant  Voltage remains constant in parallel connection and current add Recommended Voltage Vmpp 550VDC(for 3 phase drive/330VDC for single phase)

Power: 1.2 times of inverter rated power

PCS/String FR=550V/panel Vmpp

We should know the following details of solar panel for calculation of number of panel required in system:

    a) Voc=open circuit voltage

    b) Vmp= voltage at maximum power

    c) Isc = short circuit current

    d) Imp = current at maximum power

    e) Pmax= maximum power

As per the above calculation we knew the numbers of panel required and connected in series ,at the end of connection we have two wire one is PV+ and PV- that can be connected to drive by + and – terminal through fuse/dc breaker then SPD for protection,as soon as we connected the drive to solar panel drive start running with default parameter because it has automatically start function then we pressed rst/stop button & set parameter as per motor type and rating

 System commissioning


P00.00 = control mode, P00.03= max output frequency, P00.04= upper limit of frequency,P00.10 = keypad frequency, P00.11 = acc,P00.12 =dacc, P00.18= 1 (default the parameter),P00.15 =1/2(auto tuning) P02.00 = type of motor

P02.01 P02.15 P02.20,P02.02 ,P02.16 ,P02.21,P02.03, P02.17, P02.22

P02.04 P02.18 P02.23,P02.05, P02.19

* Above functions code for motor parameter

P05.01, P05.02……… are for digital input configuration

P15.00 = Enable the solar parameter

P15.01 = Enable MPPT

P15.02 = Vmp

P15.33 = weak radiation voltage

P15.37 = Under Voltage

Motor Driver Electric Specification
Nominal Power 132kw/175HP
AC Output Voltage 380
Number of Input Phases 3
Max Solar DC Voltage 800
Rated Output Current 92
Max Peak power 155Kw
Motor Driver Efficiency η 250
Communication Modbus, E-102 RS485, E-180 485
Driver Digital Input 5
Driver Analogue Input 1
Driver Digital Output 2
Driver Analogue Output 2
Number of Solar Module 18x16x550w 22x16x455w 24x16x400w 23x20x340w 24x21x285w 14x20x545W (120 cell) 24x17x385w
Dimension(With X Dept x Height) 500x360x870mm
Motor Driver Mechnanical Specification
Compliance with standards CE, ISO9001,EN 61800,EN 61800
Installation altitude -10 ... 50 °C (14 ... 123 °F)
Inverter Weight kg Fan

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