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Daxler 455 watt Half Cut Monocrsytalline Solar Module 120Cell

Daxler 455 watt Half Cut Monocrsytalline Solar Module 120Cell

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It is the leading product in medium and small scale projects in Turkey with price, performance, locality and quality. Considering that imports are prohibited by law in Turkey, all products are domestic, and every material, including cell, is used the same by companies, it is the product with the highest price, cosmetics and accessibility.

The solar panel is A class, it is produced by the manufacturer without a box.

Even if you take precautions to prevent it from breaking during shipment, it is broken at a rate of 5% in the cargo. My advice is that it takes 3-5 days to get the product with payment at the door, but payment at the door and shipping by warehouse is the surest method.

When the panel is broken, not all shipping companies are strictly compensated. When the broken panel is legally given to the cargo by the seller, it is now the property of the buyer and the buyer is responsible for all the problems that may occur in the cargo. It is not possible to return the broken panels that will be taken without a report.

This product is sold as A- or Microcracked B. You can get this product with a minor visual defect for a 15% discount. It does not interfere with his work.

Unless you write otherwise, our company sends A Class products unless you request it.

The cargo of the panel costs about 10 USD, part of the cargo is covered by our company. If the product is requested to be returned while it is in cargo, without giving any reason, the cargo fee will be charged to the consumer. This product has been produced for use in high-cost and special works. It is a professional special-purpose product, not a device. It is not an end user product. Installation of the product requires technical knowledge.

If the outputs of the panel are short-circuited for a long time, the fuse diodes will be damaged and become inoperable.

The product is out of warranty.

There is absolutely no refund after the product has been assembled.

Daxler Solar  HalfCut Solar Module

High Efficenyc Multibus Half Cut Solar Cell
Horizantal shade performance %50
Better performance in shaded condition
Spilit junction box, Double Module

%50 Much More Reduced resistive losses

182mm silicon wafer Cell Design
Better performance in shaded conditions
Reduced temperature coefficient

Power Out
PV DC Range
MPPT Current Range
HS Code 85414300

By producing new generation Daxler solar panels with high quality standards and efficiency, 182mm  and 120 cells, 1/2 Half-Cut Cell and 1/3 Triple-Cut Cell, Bifacial contributes to the national green energy transformation in factories, industrial fields, agricultu
ral areas, irrigation unions. , livestock sector, residences, such as wherever energy is needed. Daxler Energy General Manager Yunus Emre Tarhan said, “We are taking firm steps towards branding in Europe”.
EL Test at 3 points starting from Stringer to get the best quality.
Thanks to micro gap technologie; cell gap and cell stress reduction, gain in module e ciency
Less power loss by minimizing the ghosting eˆect
High performance in low light
Ideal choice for utility and commercial scale projects by reduced TUV and improve TSE
High accurity sensitive sun similator PASAN A+ A+ A+ (Meyer Burger)
Reduced BOS and improve ROI
Resistance to Sand, acid and hailstones. 2400pa wind load and 5400pa snow load.
As Daxler, we have started the pioneering of high eciency module production using new cell technologies. We designed new 182mm cell modules with Multi-Busbar and Half-Cut technologies. In our state-of-the-art new production line we have maximized module efficiency and power output
Advantages of Daxler solar Module
• String control with artificial intelligence
• EL testing at the string level
• Minimum panel flexibility, high insulation, and long lifespan thanks to the use of silicon at frame junctions
• IP68 protection with a potting junction box
• Monoblock Bypass Diode system
• Reduced risk of micro-cracks with NDC non-destructive cutting technique
• Optimal panel size and minimum cell stress with micro-gap technique
• 12-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance guarantee
• High Transmittance ≥%93 
•  High Impact Resistance PERC architecture enables to improve light capture near the rear surface and to optimize electrons capture which significantly improves the cell efficiency.
• 5BB Front Electrode Design Better Current Collection Ability
• Outstanding Performance at Low Irradiance Half-Cut Cell Technology
•  Lower Operation Temperature & Lower Hot-Spot Impact Higher Reliability Of The Module
• Higher Shade Tolerance Higher Performance In Partial Shadow Conditions
• High Pressure Resistance Maximum Static Loading (5400 Pascal) Performing great endurance under the heavy snow load
• Accelerated Aging Test
• Frame Anodizing for 15 Micron for Solar Frames
• Junction Box
• IP68 (Silicon Potting) | protection of dust, dirt, sand and waterproof feature
The Right Address, the Ideal Choice for All Energy SystemsPriority Customer ValuePrivileged Brand UnderstandingPerfect BOM FitConcept Module Design
 Advanced ConfigurationGuaranteed Durability, Long LifeHigh Module Efficiency, Effective Cost SavingOptimum ROI / Low CSF (System Balance) CostSuperior Quality 
12 Years Product 
25 Years Linear Performance Guarantee
Disadvantages of Daxler Solar modules
- Its price is 5% higher than other manufacturers of the same power in the marketit is expensive. This causes the return on investment to be extended by 1 year.
-Has the same lifetime and efficiency as Cells used by other well-known companies. Since its performance is the same, there is little return advantage to meet the high price.
-The lead time is very long. It cannot meet the demand.Although the price is the same, the warranty periods are the same as other panels.
- Electrical properties and thermal performance are the same as other panels
Half Cut solar Module Advantage
Solar modules with half-size solar cells have the potential for becoming the new standard. The cutting of cells leads to electrical recombination losses at the cell level, which are more than compensated by reduced resistive losses as well as by current gains at the module level. At the same time, the cutting process must be optimized to avoid mechanical damage that could lead to cell breakage in the module. Module design opportunities for hot-spot protection, shading resistance and energy yield optimization are presented in this paper. Module power can be increased by 5–8%, which justifies the investment in additional equipment for cell cutting, stringing, lay-up and bussing. Half-cell technology is highly attractive for new solar module production capacity.The opportunity to generate more power for your customers and to save them money is at the forefront of any rooftop PV system sale. Half-Cell technology can take your solar installs to the next level.
The increase in Half-cell popularity over the years is due to some very distinct advantages such as:
Excellent performance in low light situations
Half-cell technology is excellent in low light situations. This is due to the design the increased number of cells feeds more power to the inverter.
Half-cell technology is more durable for long-life performance
HC technology is less susceptible to micro-cracking due to the smaller size of the solar cells. The mechanical stress on the entire panel is lessened which reduces the opportunity for micro cracks to develop. Therefore, HC panels are more durable and less prone to cracking over long periods of time.
Performs better in high-heat conditions
Half-Cell technology is proven to perform well under high heat conditions. As we know Australia never falls short of hot weather conditions. This is the reason why Half-Cell technology is increasing in popularity in the Australian solar market. Half-Cell technology is less susceptible to panel malfunctions.
Split junction boxes:
Hot spots are very common in poorly manufactured solar PV panels and can severely reduce the lifespan of a solar PV panel. Half-Cell solar PV panels have less heat below the individual cells on the panel. Hot spots are common and a negative that comes with solar PV systems that receive high levels of constant heat. In some major cases, hot spots can cause fire risks to the customer’s home. Having a split junction box reduces cell heating and the possibility for hot spots occur.
Less hot spots:
When one solar cell in a panel cell string is shaded, all the preceding unshaded cells can dump the energy they produce into the first shaded cell as heat. This creates a hot spot that can potentially damage the solar panel if it lasts for a long time. Twice as many panel cell strings means only half as much heat. The lower heat production should be less damaging to the panel so there would be an improvement in resistance to hot spot damage and increases the module longevity.
Solar Module Electricity Features
Module Power Rate Wp 455
Cell Type HalfCut M10 182mm
Number Of Cell 120
Module Efficency 21.01
MPPT Akım Değeri 12.85
Short Circuit Current 13.72
Off-Grid Proper System Voltage 24
Maximum Power Point Voltage 35.40
Open Circuit Maximum Voltage 41.80
Maxsimum Module Voltage Dc-Volt 1500
Bus Bar Number 11
Solar Module Temparature Performance
Operating Temperature -40ºC +85ºC
Isc Temparature coefficient  αIsc α %/°C  -0,05
Voc Temparature coefficient βVoc %/°C -0,35
Pmaks Temparature coeficient %/°C -0,35
Temparature coefficient βvmpp %/°C -0,27
Solar Module Mechanical Specifications
Solar Module Dimension 1912x 1134 x 35 mm (75.28x44.65x1.38inch) 31 Modules per Pallet, 1 TIR 682
Solar module weight 24.2
Solar Module Frame 5400
Solar Module Quality and Certificates
Waranty Period 12
Linear power output warranty 12 years %90, 25years %83
Certificates IEC61215/IEC61730/IEC61701/IEC62716/TS61730 IEC 62804 PID FREE ISO 9001: Qualty Management System ISO 14001: Envronmental Management ISO45001: Occupatonal Health and Safety UL TUV TSE

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