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HT SAAE Solar 370watt Half Cut Bifacial Monocrsytalline Solar Module 60Cell  166mm

HT SAAE Solar 370watt Half Cut Bifacial Monocrsytalline Solar Module 60Cell 166mm

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It is the leading product in medium and small scale projects in Turkey with price, performance, locality and quality. Considering that imports are prohibited by law in Turkey, all products are domestic, and every material, including cell, is used the same by companies, it is the product with the highest price, cosmetics and accessibility.

The solar panel is A class, it is produced by the manufacturer without a box.

Even if you take precautions to prevent it from breaking during shipment, it is broken at a rate of 5% in the cargo. My advice is that it takes 3-5 days to get the product with payment at the door, but payment at the door and shipping by warehouse is the surest method.

When the panel is broken, not all shipping companies are strictly compensated. When the broken panel is legally given to the cargo by the seller, it is now the property of the buyer and the buyer is responsible for all the problems that may occur in the cargo. It is not possible to return the broken panels that will be taken without a report.

This product is sold as A- or Microcracked B. You can get this product with a minor visual defect for a 15% discount. It does not interfere with his work.

Unless you write otherwise, our company sends A Class products unless you request it.

The cargo of the panel costs about 10 USD, part of the cargo is covered by our company. If the product is requested to be returned while it is in cargo, without giving any reason, the cargo fee will be charged to the consumer. This product has been produced for use in high-cost and special works. It is a professional special-purpose product, not a device. It is not an end user product. Installation of the product requires technical knowledge.

If the outputs of the panel are short-circuited for a long time, the fuse diodes will be damaged and become inoperable.

The product is out of warranty.

There is absolutely no refund after the product has been assembled.

HT SAAE  Solar  HalfCut Solar Module

High Efficenyc Multibus Bifacial t Solar Cell
Horizantal shade performance %50
%70 Bifacial Rearside Bifaciality Power Gain
Spilit junction box, Double Module

%50 Much More Reduced resistive losses

166mm silicon wafer Cell Design
Better performance in shaded conditions
Reduced temperature coefficient

Power Out
PV DC Range
MPPT Current Range

HT Solar Energy J.S.C was established in 2016,Istanbul Tuzla Free Zone as a subsidiary of 100% Chinese state owned company HT-SAAE to produce solar cells and solar modules. HT Solar Energy has  annual solar module production capacity of 1,2 GW.HT Solar Energy supplies  solar modules  to  Turkey, USA, Europe and Middle East Market. HT Solar  is a member of PV Cycle and was included in the ISO 500 list 2018 & 2019 and 2020.  HT-SAAE achieved a ranking amongst the Top 10 Chinese PV Module Suppliers and for many years the company has been recognized as a ‘Tier 1’​ Module Manufacturer by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). HT-SAAE has been chosen as a ”Top Performer Manufacturer”   in PVEL’s 2020&2021 PV Module Reliability Scorecard’’ .HT-SAAE is only solar module manufacturer from Turkey that entered the 2020 &2021 PV Module Reliability Scorecard with its solar panels produced in Istanbul/Turkey. HT-SAAE is subsidiary of CASC. HT-SAAE, established in May 28th, 1998 and listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange later in June (stock code 600151). 
Advantage Of Bifacial Solar Module
Increased Efficiency.
-As bifacial modules can produce powers from both sides of the panel, there is an overall increase in energy generation.
-Some manufacturers claim that bifacial solar panels can generate up to 30% more energy than conventional monofacial solar panels.
-This higher efficiency translates into less space per watt, so homeowners can install fewer panels to meet their needs.
-More Durable.As bifacial panels are frameless, and are covered both sides by tempered glass, they're often more durable.
-The tempered glass is weather-resistant, UV resistant and can withstand high temperatures and strong winds.
-As a result of their durability, bifacial solar panels are expected to have longer lifespans. 
Aesthetically Pleasing.
-Bifacial modules come in many designs, including frameless and frame. Many see the complete glass frame more aesthetically pleasing compared to monofacial solar panels. 
-Works Well in Diffuse Light.
The extra surface area also means that bifacial panels perform better in diffuse light.
Making the long-term costs lower than monofacial panels. 
Reduced PID. In the instance of a frameless bifacial panel, the solar cells are less likely to suffer from potential-induced degradation (PID). This is where electrical currents stray from their intended path and as a result corrodes the solar panels. Furthermore, bifacial panels without a metal frame don’t require grounding, as there are no metal contacts on the exterior. Longer Warranties. Bifacial solar panels often come with a longer warranty of up to 30 years.
Why HT SAAe 
-HT Solar Half cut cell technology can reduce the internal power loss and improve component overall power. Excellent heat dissipation avoids hot spot production.
-The optimized number and width of main gate lines, maximize the light receiving area of components and reduce component power consumption.
-Designed for high voltage systems of up to 1500 VDC, increasing the string length of solar systems and saving on BoS costs
-All the modules are sorted and packaged by amperage, reducing mismatch losses and maximizing system output.
-All HT-SAAE PV modules supplied by Virtue Solaris display 5w positive power tolerance, resistance against Potential Induced Degradation (PID), salt mist and ammonia-related corrosion. All panels are triple-tested to ensure absence and resistance to microcracks, and are sorted according to amperage to reduce mismatch losses.
-With conversion efficiencies in excess of 21.3%, these ultra-powerful solar panels provide optimum energy output even under low light conditions. Their robust mechanical structure is designed and tested to withstand extreme wind loads of up to 2400 Pa, snow loads of up to 5400 Pa and impact from hail. A moderate temperature coefficient of 0.33% / K ensures that a decline in panels’ output under high temperature conditions would not be as significant as in lower quality panels with higher temperature coefficients.
-Whilst performance of all PV panels naturally declines over time, HT-SAAE guarantees that even after 10 years of service, HT-SAAE panels would provide not less than 90% of their rated output, whilst after 25 years the output would not go lower than 83.1%. Moreover, all panels are covered by a 12 year product warranty. These guarantees are backed by a world class insurance policy from top global financial institutions.
-All technical parameters of HT-SAAE panels have been independently tested and certified through a comprehensive first rate certification system by renown third party assessors including TUV Rhineland, which ensured strictest adherence to international quality standards, including IEC 6125 / 61730, ISO09001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001.
they paid for in full scale. The balance between price and quality is very well tuned in our products and makes the Levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) generated less as well as your return on investment (ROI) high.
HT  Solar Module Advantage
-Type and no. of cell : Mono-crystalline 110/120/144/156 cell
-Maximum system voltage : 1500 (V)
-Efficiency range : 20.31%-21.08%
-Performance Guarantee : 25 years
-Product Warranty : 12 years
Half-cut solar cells are a type of solar cell design that has gained popularity in recent years due to its potential to increase the efficiency of solar panels. In this design, a standard solar cell is cut in half, with each half connected in series to create a “half-cut cell.” This design offers several advantages over traditional solar cell designs.  One of the main advantages of half-cut solar cells is their improved efficiency. By cutting a solar cell in half and connecting the two halves in series, the electrical current is split between the two halves. This reduces the amount of current flowing through each half, which in turn reduces the amount of energy lost to heat. As a result, half-cut solar cells can achieve higher energy conversion efficiency than traditional solar cells.  Another advantage of half-cut solar cells is their improved durability. Because the electrical current is split between the two halves of the cell, each half is subjected to less stress and strain than a traditional solar cell. This can help to reduce the risk of cell cracking and other forms of damage, which can extend the lifespan of the solar panel.
Solar Cell Size
The size of solar cells is an important factor in determining the overall performance and efficiency of a solar panel. Generally speaking, larger solar cells are more efficient than smaller ones because they are able to capture more sunlight and convert it into electricity. However, larger solar cells are also more expensive to produce, so there is a trade-off between efficiency and cost. The METEOR Solar panel series has a cell size of 182mm. By balancing the trade-off between efficiency and cost, and taking into account the physical size and weight of the panel, HTSolar has created a  high-performance, cost-effective solar panels that are well-suited for a variety of applications.
Topcon Technology
The panel comes with the state-of-the-art TOPCON Technology. Topcon technology refers to a type of solar cell manufacturing process that uses advanced surface passivation techniques to improve the efficiency and performance of solar panels. To know more about what is TOPCON technology, you can check out our previous article here  “TOPCON Technology”.
No Lid And PID Degration
In the field of solar energy, two terms that are frequently discussed are LID (Light-Induced Degradation) and PID (Potential-Induced Degradation). Both LID and PID refer to the reduction in performance that can occur in solar panels over time, and are therefore important considerations when selecting solar panels for a particular application. LID is a phenomenon that occurs in some types of solar cells, where the initial exposure to sunlight can cause a temporary decrease in efficiency.  PID, on the other hand, is a more serious issue that can occur in solar panels under certain conditions. PID is caused by the build-up of a negative potential in the solar panel, which can occur when the panel is exposed to a high-voltage electrical source, such as a lightning strike or a nearby power line. This negative potential can cause the solar cells to degrade over time, leading to a permanent decrease in efficiency. Overall, LID and PID resistance are important factors to consider when selecting solar panels for a particular application. In order to combat the effects of LID and PID, solar panel manufacturers have developed a variety of techniques to improve the resistance of their panels. For example, some panels are designed with special coatings or encapsulants that help to protect the cells from environmental damage. Other panels may use specialized cell designs or materials that are less susceptible to LID or PID.

Fully Automated Production
HT solar production processes are executed with extreme sensitivity with a fully automated production line. All solar modules are produced handsfree and are therefore superior in performance  fficiency, longitude and durability.
Positive Power Tolerance
During production, all modules are sorted based on their power output values. Arcelik solar modules always have a positive (+) power tolerance.
Superior Resistance in Extreme
Environmental Conditions Arcelik solar modules are extremely resistant to salty water and amonia. Therefore, they can safely be used in all corosive environments such as farms or marine sites. 
High Long-term Performance
The properties of all raw materials used in Arcelik Photovoltaic (PV) modules have been determined in order to obtain the best performance from the modules in the long term. Arcelik works with top quality & exclusive raw material suppliers. Arcelik Photovoltaic (PV) modules are offered for sale at the end of 10 years with an energy efficiency guarantee of 90% and 80% at the end of 25 years. High long-term performance is guaranteed by all tests performed during design and production.
Robust & Aesthetic Design
HT Solar (PV) modules are designed to serve with High Performance for at least 25 years. In addition to functional specifications in its Photovoltaic (PV) module design, aesthetics is also remarkable.The Robust frame design provides high strength against wind and snow loads. The frames continue to function without corrosion with its thick anodized layer of panel frames, even under extreme outdoor conditions.
The Photovoltaic (PV) module size is designed to be the optimum gap between the cells and the frame. The said optimum gap allow the modules to get maximum light and generate more power under outdoor conditions.
In HT Solar Photovoltaic (PV) modules, thick-section current-carrying conductor wires are used to minimize transmission losses. These conductor wires are placed on the modules in a visible way and are not covered in any way. There is a distinctly visible distance between the current-carrying wire and the module frame.Arccelik Photovoltaic (PV) modules never has the problem of isolation due to production by help of the said distance and the current-carrying wires that are not covered.
High Quality Products
At HT Solar , high quality product understanding begins with the choice of suppliers and raw materials. We recognize the use of leading suppliers and raw materials in the sector that has proven their quality as a basic quality principle and we adopt the principle of customer orientation as one of the core values of the company's culture, even after the production and delivery of the product.

Less mismatch to get more power
Less power loss by minimizing the shading impact
Competitive low light performance
Ideal choice for utility and commercial scale projects by reduced BOS and improve ROI.
In stringent environment condition :• sand, acid, and alkali,hail stones, • 2400pa wind load and 5400pa snow load.• PID
Advantages of HT Solar olar Panel
- TUV Test Reports, Certificates, quality documents are complete and up-to-date
-It is advantageous to have paid performance insurance-Label values ​​and actual performance values ​​are exactly the same
-The main company is  company for 50 years.- Cosmetically perfect-Frame is made of quality anodized Aluminum Profiles.
-The product is silicone and the sealing work is very good-Junction Box, Panel cables and MC4 are top quality IP 68 certified.
- Even though other manufacturers use the same cell, they can generate more than 10W of tag value. He does not charge unfairly by typing the Label value of the hand correctly.
-Uses European origin Backsheet and EVa-It is one of the rare companies that accept the Warranty, even if the installation is done outside the authorized service.
-It is at the top of the list of the most preferred solar panels in Turkey
Disadvantages of HT Solar  Solar Panel
- Its price is 20% higher than other manufacturers of the same power in the marketit is expensive. This causes the return on investment to be extended by 1 year.
-Has the same lifetime and efficiency as Cells used by other well-known companies. Since its performance is the same, there is little return advantage to meet the high price.
-The lead time is very long. It cannot meet the demand.Although the price is the same, the warranty periods are the same as other panels.
- Electrical properties and thermal performance are the same as other panels

Half Cut solar Module Advantage
Solar modules with half-size solar cells have the potential for becoming the new standard. The cutting of cells leads to electrical recombination losses at the cell level, which are more than compensated by reduced resistive losses as well as by current gains at the module level. At the same time, the cutting process must be optimized to avoid mechanical damage that could lead to cell breakage in the module. Module design opportunities for hot-spot protection, shading resistance and energy yield optimization are presented in this paper. Module power can be increased by 5–8%, which justifies the investment in additional equipment for cell cutting, stringing, lay-up and bussing. Half-cell technology is highly attractive for new solar module production capacity.The opportunity to generate more power for your customers and to save them money is at the forefront of any rooftop PV system sale. Half-Cell technology can take your solar installs to the next level.
The increase in Half-cell popularity over the years is due to some very distinct advantages such as:
Excellent performance in low light situations
Half-cell technology is excellent in low light situations. This is due to the design the increased number of cells feeds more power to the inverter.
Half-cell technology is more durable for long-life performance
HC technology is less susceptible to micro-cracking due to the smaller size of the solar cells. The mechanical stress on the entire panel is lessened which reduces the opportunity for micro cracks to develop. Therefore, HC panels are more durable and less prone to cracking over long periods of time.
Performs better in high-heat conditions
Half-Cell technology is proven to perform well under high heat conditions. As we know Australia never falls short of hot weather conditions. This is the reason why Half-Cell technology is increasing in popularity in the Australian solar market. Half-Cell technology is less susceptible to panel malfunctions.
Split junction boxes:
Hot spots are very common in poorly manufactured solar PV panels and can severely reduce the lifespan of a solar PV panel. Half-Cell solar PV panels have less heat below the individual cells on the panel. Hot spots are common and a negative that comes with solar PV systems that receive high levels of constant heat. In some major cases, hot spots can cause fire risks to the customer’s home. Having a split junction box reduces cell heating and the possibility for hot spots occur.
Less hot spots:
When one solar cell in a panel cell string is shaded, all the preceding unshaded cells can dump the energy they produce into the first shaded cell as heat. This creates a hot spot that can potentially damage the solar panel if it lasts for a long time. Twice as many panel cell strings means only half as much heat. The lower heat production should be less damaging to the panel so there would be an improvement in resistance to hot spot damage and increases the module longevity.
Solar Module Electricity Features
Module Power Rate Wp 370
Module Power Rate Wp 257
Cell Type HalfCut M6 166mm
Number Of Cell 120
Module Efficency 20.30
MPPT Akım Değeri 10.86
Short Circuit Current 11.72
Off-Grid Proper System Voltage 48
Maximum Power Point Voltage 34.10
Open Circuit Maximum Voltage 41.10
Maxsimum Module Voltage Dc-Volt 1500
Bus Bar Number 9
Solar Module Temparature Performance
Operating Temperature -40ºC +85ºC
Isc Temparature coefficient  αIsc α %/°C  -0,049
Voc Temparature coefficient βVoc %/°C -0,29
Pmaks Temparature coeficient %/°C -0,39
Temparature coefficient βvmpp %/°C -0,29
Solar Module Mechanical Specifications
Solar Module Dimension 1755×1038×35mm( 69.09x40.87x1.38inch) 31Modules per Pallet, 1 TIR 744
Solar module weight 19.5
Solar Module Frame 5400
Solar Module Quality and Certificates
Waranty Period 12
Linear power output warranty 10 years %93, 30years %82
Certificates IEC61215/IEC61730/IEC61701/IEC62716/TS61730 IEC 62804 PID FREE IEC 60088 ISO 9001: Qualty Management System ISO 14001: Envronmental Management ISO45001: Occupatonal Health and Safety ISO 27001:2013, ISO 10002:2004 LLOYDS , TIER 1bloomberg

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