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Pantec 340watt Monocrsytalline Perc Solar Module 60Cell 5 Busbar 41V

Pantec 340watt Monocrsytalline Perc Solar Module 60Cell 5 Busbar 41V

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It is the leading product in medium and small scale projects in Turkey with price, performance, locality and quality. Considering that imports are prohibited by law in Turkey, all products are domestic, and every material, including cell, is used the same by companies, it is the product with the highest price, cosmetics and accessibility.

The solar panel is A class, it is produced by the manufacturer without a box.

Even if you take precautions to prevent it from breaking during shipment, it is broken at a rate of 5% in the cargo. My advice is that it takes 3-5 days to get the product with payment at the door, but payment at the door and shipping by warehouse is the surest method.

When the panel is broken, not all shipping companies are strictly compensated. When the broken panel is legally given to the cargo by the seller, it is now the property of the buyer and the buyer is responsible for all the problems that may occur in the cargo. It is not possible to return the broken panels that will be taken without a report.

This product is sold as A- or Microcracked B. You can get this product with a minor visual defect for a 15% discount. It does not interfere with his work.

Unless you write otherwise, our company sends A Class products unless you request it.

The cargo of the panel costs about 10 USD, part of the cargo is covered by our company. If the product is requested to be returned while it is in cargo, without giving any reason, the cargo fee will be charged to the consumer. This product has been produced for use in high-cost and special works. It is a professional special-purpose product, not a device. It is not an end user product. Installation of the product requires technical knowledge.

If the outputs of the panel are short-circuited for a long time, the fuse diodes will be damaged and become inoperable.

The product is out of warranty.

There is absolutely no refund after the product has been assembled.

Pantec Watt Monocrsytalline Solar Module

High Efficenyc 5Busbar PERC Solar Cell
Horizantal shade performance %50
Better performance in shaded condition
Cost-Effective and High  Efficient 

Application back surface passivation layer

More Productive Slow Degradation
Better performance in shaded conditions
Reduced temperature coefficient

Power Out
PV DC Range
MPPT Current Range

-Pantec Elizler Microcrack resistant high performance backsheet structure enhance reliability, trible EL tested of high quality control
-Pantec Elizler Designed for high voltage systems of up 1000VDC, increase-ing the she string lenghth of solar systems and saving on case
-Pantec Elizler In the modules are stored and packaged by amperage, reduin mismatch losses and maximizing system output
-Pantec Elizler Mono PERC  cell technology can reduce the internal owner loss and improve component overall power. Excellent heat diddipation avoids hot spot production
-Pantec Elizler 5BB The optimized number and width of main gate lines, Maximize the light receiving areas of components and Reduce omponents power concumption
Mono PERC Module Advantage
Even though PERC technology absorbs less heat from the sun, this technology shares the same shading intolerance and electrical losses as the standard solar panels. Half-cut solar panels might not have the same increased performance as PERC solar modules due to the surface recombination process, but they perform better when partially shaded and have an important reduction in ohmic losses. Moreover, the potential reduction in energy losses caused by shading is something that PERC technology cannot compete with, particularly for the residential sector applications where major obstructions and trees can cause high shading.
Working with different types of solar panels is interesting because each has different qualities and distinct efficiencies. With persistent efforts and experimentation, mono PERC technology was introduced and soon mono PERC solar panels were launched. People often get confused about whether or not they should buy mono PERC solar panels. So here are mono PERC solar panel advantages and disadvantages for you all. They can be a relevant determinant Are mono PERC solar panels good, and if so why.
PERC technology can be used in all types of solar cell modules. PERC technology combines local rear contacts and rear wafer surface passivation to maximize the amount of light captured by solar panels. Thus, increasing the efficiency of the photovoltaic system. Two additional steps are required in manufacturing PERC solar cells, and these are:
Application of back surface passivation layer Chemical or laser etching to open small pockets in the passivation layer Mono PERC panels are advantageous, but there are a few drawbacks too. Let us find out.
Taking into consideration the technologies of all other solar panels, mono PERC solar panel advantages are determined. This will also help you explore are mono perc solar panels good or not.
Mono PERC solar panels are the most innovative solar energy capturing device and with the latest design technology, the efficiency of solar panels increased from around 22% to 25%. With fewer panels required for your solar system, mono PERC solar panels will generate energy in low-light conditions also. Also, you will get enhanced energy density per square foot and increased light absorption by solar cells. With anti-reflective coating, efficiency, and absorption are enhanced.
Excellent performance in low light situations
Mono PERC  technology is excellent in low light situations. This is due to the design the increased number of cells feeds more power to the inverter.
Half-cell technology is more durable for long-life performance
PERC can stand for either Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell or Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact. At its core, a PERC solar cell is simply a more efficient solar cell, meaning that solar panels built with PERC cells can convert sunlight into usable electricity more easily. Solar Panels Brisbane made from PERC solar cells typically perform better than traditional panels in both low-light conditions and high temperatures. PERC technology boosts efficiency through the addition of a layer to the back of a traditional solar cell, which provides several benefits to the cell’s production
Performs better in high-heat conditions
A PERC solar cell is not much different in construction from a typical photovoltaic solar cell. Both types of solar technology use silicon wafers to generate a flow of electrons using incoming solar radiation, and the overall construction of the cell types is very similar. The main difference between PERC cells and typical monocrystalline photovoltaic cells is the integration of a back surface passivation layer, which is a layer of material on the back of the cells that provides three main benefits that boost cell efficiency.
How does a back surface passivation layer lead to gains in solar cell efficiency? Here are the three ways the passivation layer in a PERC solar cell increases overall efficiency:
Split junction boxes:
The addition of a back surface passivation layer reduces “electron recombination” in the solar cell. Simply put, electron recombination is the tendency of electrons to recombine, which causes a blockage in the free movement of electrons through the solar cell. This inhibition of free electron movement leads to less-than-optimal cell efficiencies. In a PERC solar cell, electron recombination is reduced in order to bump up efficiency.
These panels begin power generation in the early hours and perform till late evening thus producing more energy. This along with more efficient panels results in more power generation. In long-term usage, the overall degradation rating of mono PERC solar cells is low in comparison to traditional models. This means your solar module will be productive enough even after years of installation. There is much more to discover about mono PERC solar panels advantages and disadvantages
What is Mono PERC Solar Panel Disadvantages?
Despite their pros, mono PERC solar panels also have a couple of drawbacks. Here is a brief description of mono PERC solar panel disadvantages.
1. Fragile
Even though solar panels are made sturdy to withstand extreme weather conditions, they are still susceptible to damage.
2. High Purchasing Cost
In comparison to the purchasing costs of other solar panels, they are slightly costlier. It is because of the high initial cost because they comprise monocrystalline panels that are already expensive due to their high efficiency.
3. Performance
Solar panels tend to lose their efficiency with each passing year due to potential induced degradation and light-induced degradation. Mono PERC solar panels also lose efficiency. Their overall performance can decline with continuous exposure to high temperatures.
Less hot spots:
The third benefit from a PERC solar cell is the reflection of certain wavelengths of light. A silicon wafer in a solar cell can only absorb light in wavelengths up to 1180 nanometers (nm), and higher-wavelength light waves pass through the silicon and are absorbed by the solar panel’s metal back sheet, creating heat. When solar cells are heated, they operate at lower efficiencies. The back surface passivation layer in PERC solar cells is specially designed to reflect light with a wavelength above 1180 nm, reducing the heat energy in the solar cell and consequently increasing efficiency.
PERC solar cell manufacturing
One of the biggest reasons why PERC technology can be so powerful is the minimal investment it takes to begin manufacturing PERC solar cells instead of standard monocrystalline solar cells. In order to produce a PERC cell,
Solar Module Electricity Features
Module Power Rate Wp 340
Cell Type Mono M2 158.75
Number Of Cell 60
Module Efficency 20.00
MPPT Akım Değeri 9.58
Short Circuit Current 9.72
Off-Grid Proper System Voltage 24
Maximum Power Point Voltage 34.43
Open Circuit Maximum Voltage 42.22
Maxsimum Module Voltage Dc-Volt 1000
Bus Bar Number 5
Solar Module Temparature Performance
Operating Temperature -40ºC +85ºC
Isc Temparature coefficient  αIsc α %/°C  -0,044
Voc Temparature coefficient βVoc %/°C -0,33
Pmaks Temparature coeficient %/°C -0,44
Temparature coefficient βvmpp %/°C -0,27
Solar Module Mechanical Specifications
Solar Module Dimension 1660 x 1000 x 35 mm ( 64.34x39.37x1.38inch) 32 Modules per Pallet
Solar module weight 18
Solar Module Frame 5400
Solar Module Quality and Certificates
Waranty Period 10
Linear power output warranty 10 years %90, 25years %80
Certificates IEC61215/IEC61730/IEC61701/IEC62716 ISO 9001: Qualty Management System ISO 14001: Envronmental Management ISO45001: Occupatonal Health and Safety

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