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Since the products offered for sale by Atakale require technical knowledge during professional installation and purchasing, you can place an order over the phone by calling our company's technical personnel or sales representative. Many products that Atakale offers for sale require explanation and confirmation according to your needs for online ordering. Especially for your project and account needs, a proposal should be created and product compatibility should be checked.

Atakale is an engineering and contracting company that has done hundreds of Solar Energy Projects in Turkey. We inform you, our valued customers, that it would be more accurate to conduct the sales and marketing of the products in general with live and one-on-one meetings.

No company can provide 100% change in the face of the return of the products you have purchased after assembly, especially the need to change the products whose lifespan decreases as you use them, after incompatible projects. However, if you project it to Atakale technical team, compensation for all mistakes and product changes will be made free of charge.

Manufacturers and brands of solar energy systems are mostly sold outside of the label and manufacturer companies. Although tens of well-known brands in Turkey are not manufacturers, they print their own brands on the products. They can explain faulty product specifications. Deceived by the exaggerated label values ​​of our customers such as efficiency, power and longevity, we clearly explain the fact that the products they buy are actually far below these values, over the phone and in one-on-one meetings.

For example, although all produced batteries have a lifespan of 10 years, if you believe in this label value for batteries that do not have a lifespan of even 2 years, importer and manufacturer companies do not relieve your grievances. We would like to remind you that these problems will be resolved if you get detailed information by phone or by calling us.

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