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 Terms of Order and Warnings

www.atakale.comAs Atakale, many of the products we offer on are produced for special purposes that require professional installation and are not used alone. Many of the products require Advanced Engineering knowledge at the time of ordering and installation . You agree that you should read the product specifications before ordering, and that it is essential to take the necessary accessories, tools, and safety precautions during installation. All of the products we offer for sale pose serious risks of injury and death during installation. If you do not have enough training and knowledge about the products you buy, you should definitely get support from professionally trained companies and competent people. Definitely products; If you do not have a certificate and sufficient training, do not install it yourself. We present to your important information that the products offered by our company for sale are not safe for home users and training is required for installation. If you do not purchase turnkey package systems, you agree that we will not install and assemble the products. Unless otherwise stated here, installation and service of any product is not provided with the order.

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  • How Many Years Warranty

    If you'd like a copy of the manufacturer's warranty for a product found on, you can contact the manufacturer directly or visit their website for more information, or you can contact our Customer Service team by e-mailing us at: If you choose to e-mail our Customer Service team, please include the full name of the product; the model or style, if applicable; and the URL (website address) for the product's detail page.Manufacturer's warranties may not apply in all cases, depending on factors like the use of the product, where the product was purchased, or who you purchased the product from. Please review the warranty carefully, and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions. www.atakale.comAll the products you buy from the page are guaranteed. The warranty periods announced by the manufacturers are valid from the day you order. Warranty terms are valid under the conditions specified by the manufacturer and the Laws. The warranty periods of the products sold by our company are available on the site page. However, since the manufacturer has the right to change these warranty periods without notice, you can learn the current information about the warranty periods when purchasing the product from the manufacturer's pages or by calling our company. Do not order without reading the warranty documents and conditions of the products. When you have doubts about the warranty terms, our company   Call +90 312 425 2200 or atakale@atakale. You can send an e-mail to the .com e-mail address.  Since the products we sell are not consumer electricity products that work alone (such as TV, Refrigerator, Radio, etc.), the warranty terms are within the terms and periods determined by the manufacturer.  Example Victron Energy MPPT charge controller has an unconditional 5-year warranty, while  This warranty period is in the range of 1/2 year. The product  It is the customer's responsibility to look at the warranty periods on the manufacturer's sites or in the product's datasheet and user manual. The manufacturers of the batteries declare the warranty period as 2 years, but they give 1 year warranty according to the place of use. The warranty period is not a guarantee undertaken by our company alone. The conditions promised and announced by the manufacturers are valid. Manufacturers give 15 years of warranty to the solar panels. However, when the warranty terms are read, it is immediately understood that the 12-year warranty actually depends on the conditions in the place of use. Since our company is an engineering company, it specifically interprets the products it supplies and the terms of warranty here. 10-year product warranty and 20 or 25-year performance warranty have no legal value. You do not have protection with a single international insurance. All manufacturers, unauthorized service and technicians install products out of warranty. Even this statement shows that there is no legal guarantee for the products. Atakale sells products for 2 years. undertakes the right to unlimited exchange and return if there is a production fault. 

    Warranty Certificate

    We provide warranty certificates for all products that are required to issue a Warranty Certificate in the Law and Regulations. However, since the Warranty certificate is issued only by the importer and manufacturer companies, if you want this document as a written document, you must notify it at the time of order. No invoice shall replace the warranty certificate. You can reach the warranty certificate by clicking the link of the product list that must be arranged. You can get the signed warranty documents of the products here upon request, arranged by the importer and the manufacturer. Since all products sold by our company are guaranteed under special conditions, our company gives a signed guarantee commitment during the sale, even if the manufacturer does not issue a guarantee certificate. Accessories, cables, spare parts, constructions, hardware, special-purpose cabinets and electronic products, and special products supplied according to the customer's request are guaranteed on a contractual basis.

     Payment methods

    The following payment methods are available for use:
    Visa (including the Atakale Rewards Visa Signature Card)
    Atakale Store Card
    Atakale Secured Card
    Discover Network
    American Express
    Diner's Club (U.S. billing addresses only)
    China UnionPay (credit card only)
    Visa, MasterCard, or American Express prepaid credit or gift cards
    You can add a completely new payment card or change your existing payment details, without having to place an order, in your When purchasing products from, you can use payment methods such as Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Pay with Points, Pay at the Door. dan, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, TROY, Dicover, Amax ,Virtual Cards Masterpass  You can shop with cards such as You can also pay with all 3D secured debit cards. In the most common credit card payments, we also offer the option of installments in proportion to the number of installments given to our company by the BRSA. In installment payments, you can see the terms on the product tabs according to the number of installments and the bank of the card you pay with. After placing an order from Atakale, you will not be asked for costs such as price changes or additional shipping charges. Even if the price is changed, the amount you buy or pay will not change.
    After paying by credit card, the installment option cannot be changed. If you want to change the number of installments, you have to cancel the order and buy the product again. Except for Axess, Wings and Bonus, the points of debit (ATM) cards cannot be used for shopping.    You cannot make a payment by combining more than one payment option during the product purchase. A single payment cannot be made with different credit cards.   
    When you pay with money order and EFT payment option, our EFT and Bank information will appear on the payment page, you can also find it on our bank information page on our website. The payment you make here, HAvele EFT will be automatically processed into your account and your order will be processed. The amount of expense charged to you by your bank for payments you make with EFT/Money Transfer is yours. 
    After selecting the products you want to buy from the My Cart page, click the Buy button.  (If you are going to purchase a single product, you can click the Buy Now button on the product detail page.) Select the addresses you want your order and invoice to be sent to, or enter a new address. You can make the payment with credit card, debit card, virtual card, BKM Express, MasterPass and GarantiPay. Card  Enter your information and complete your shopping by choosing one of the installment options if it is a product that can be made in installments. All your questions and requests regarding payment   communication  page or from the My Account menu. You can get instant help from the customer representative from the live Whatsup support line.  You can call the Customer Representative on +90 312 425 2200. 
    The reason for the error during the purchase; There may be different reasons such as your card not being open to internet shopping, your lack of sufficient limit, the expiry date of the card, or the fact that it may be related to your 3D password. You can try to pay with a different card or contact your bank and let them know. If you write your 6-digit order number, which will be formed after order confirmation, in the description section during your Money Order/EFT payment, completely and without spaces between the numbers, your payment will be approved within 1 hour after it is received in our account.

    Secure Payment 3D understands that you care about how your private information is used and shared and we appreciate your trust in us. Your privacy is important to us and we work hard to keep your information secure. Data security is of paramount importance to us. Atakale takes payment security and customer trust seriously. When you shop on Atakale, we take great care to protect your payment details and personal information. Our payment security system encrypts your payment details, such as credit card number, bank account number, and address. This information is secured using industry standard encryption during transmission with the appropriate banking institution during order processing. When you purchase from a third-party seller on our site, we do not share
    If the bank to which your credit card is connected supports this system, you can make your payment by selecting 3D Secure on the payment page. The cardholder must confirm the transaction with the sms password given to him by the bank. In other words, even if your credit card number is known to others, you can shop securely on the internet because you only have your password. 3D Secure is an identity verification system developed by card companies to ensure the security of online shopping. It is also known as the credit card approval process with the password sent to the cardholder via sms in online shopping. The application used for Visa credit card is called “Verified by Visa” and the one for MasterCard is called “SecureCode”.  The last 3 digits of the number on the back of your credit card is a security code called CVV2, CVC2 or CID. For example, if the back of your card reads 0000 1111 2222 3333 444, the CVV2 number (Security Number) is 444. 
    The security code called CVV2 or CVC2 was created as a method used to prevent credit card fraud. It is generally used to check the physical existence of your card in shopping made over the phone, fax and internet. The security number is created by the bank during the issuance of the card, by encrypting the credit card number and expiry date in a method that only the bank knows. This key is your assurance that the information you send through your browser will be protected against third parties. In addition, high security standards apply to all purchases you make from Atakale. Thanks to EV SSL Security Certificate, McAfee Secure/PCI Compliance and 3D Secure services, you can shop comfortably without risking your security.
    Security of your personal information is one of the most important issues for us. For this reason, you may sometimes be asked to verbally confirm your order from the bank while shopping with a credit card. In such a case, your bank will reach you from your registered information and receive an order confirmation over the phone. For this reason, we recommend that you keep your personal information registered in your bank up to date. Otherwise, if your phone number cannot be reached during the security check, your order may be cancelled. In addition, you should make sure that the phone number you gave while registering with Atakale is correct. Because your e-mail address and phone number are used for all kinds of information about your order.

    Refund Order Cancellation

    You can cancel physical items or orders that haven't entered the shipping process yet. This page does not include information about canceling Atakale and other digital subscriptions.
    Go to Your Orders and select the order you want to cancel. Select Cancel items Note: For seller orders, you may see Request Cancellation. If you no longer see Request Cancellation, contact the seller for instructions. Go to Contact Third-Party Sellers.
    Select the check box of the item you want to remove from the order. To cancel the entire order, select all of the items. Select Cancel selected items in this order when finished. Confirm that your order is cancelled
    After submitting the cancellation, you'll receive a confirmation message on the screen. You'll also receive a message in the Message Center in Your Account. You can also confirm that the order was canceled by visiting Your Orders. If you see the order in the Canceled Orders section, it was successfully canceled. refer to the following instructions if you can not cancel your order.
    Cancel items is not available:If you do not see Cancel items besides the order you want to cancel, Atakale may have already shipped it. Go to Your Orders and select Track package, and then Cancel this delivery.If this option is not available (because another carrier shipped this order), refuse the package or return it using our Online Returns Center.
    Cancel digital subscriptions like Atakale. Learn how to cancel your Atakale and other digital subscriptions. Cancel discounted bundled items. Discounted bundles allow customers to purchase multiple items or groups of items at a discounted price. You can not cancel items purchased as part of a discounted bundle individually. If you cancel any item that is part of the bundle, all remaining bundle items that haven't shipped will be canceled.
    Your order may be canceled by Atakale; Information about the cancellation of the order is sent to the e-mail address registered during the membership of the order owner. We recommend that you keep your personal information registered in your bank and Atakale up to date so that your orders can be approved by the bank. The reasons for the cancellation of your order and its not being approved by Atakale may be as follows. If you want to cancel your order; Go to the My Orders page and select the order you want to cancel. Select the checkboxes next to the items you want to remove from the order. If you want to cancel the entire order, select all products. Select Cancel flagged products when finished. After the cancellation request is submitted, we will send a confirmation message to the email address registered in your account. You can confirm that the order has been canceled by visiting the My Orders page. If you see the order in the Canceled Orders section, the order has been successfully canceled. If your order was shipped directly by Atakale and cannot be changed, you may not receive the package or return it from our Returns Support Center. Note: There is no cancellation option available for products purchased from third-party vendors. In this case, you can select Cancel Request next to the order. When you fill out the contact form, your message will be forwarded to the seller. Cancellation is not guaranteed. Within one hour you will receive an e-mail stating whether your cancellation is possible. If the product you purchased has been shipped, you cannot cancel the order. The return process is applied for the products that have been shipped. You have to take the product from the cargo and return it again. If Atakale has not confirmed the order and cannot send the product, it will make the cancellation process itself. If the product has been approved, you must request a cancellation. In case of cancellation of the order, you will be shown a justified reason. If you do not find this cancellation right, you can refuse the cancellation of your order and give additional time. You can send your cancellation request to the store by pressing the Cancel Request button from the Current Order section on your account page. The cancellation request is approved for products that have not yet been shipped by the store. If the store has shipped the product, it may reject your cancellation request. In this case, the product  You can return it. Depending on the processes and practices of the banks, it may take an average of 3 working days for the refund to be reflected on credit cards, and 7 working days for bank cards to be reflected. The returned product price will be reflected in your account as a plus balance. If you have paid with the order, the shipping fee will also be credited with the refund. You can contact your bank for detailed information. According to the processes and practices of the banks, it may take an average of 3 business days for the refund to be reflected in your account. The refund is made as the total amount. Your card limit will be opened up to the refund amount. Payments made in installments are refunded at once, up to the total amount, but due to bank processes, they can be accounted for as much as the month in which the installment was made. For this reason, although all the refunds are made in one go, you can see +,- balance on your account statement during the month in which the installment is made. You can cancel the order before the store approves the product, and request a cancellation after the product is approved. Cancellation applies to cases where the store has not yet shipped the product. After the store has shipped the product, you can no longer cancel, you can request a refund. After submitting your cancellation request, Atakale must respond to your request within the product supply period. Cancellation request that is not answered within this period is automatically approved by the system. If Atakale has not yet shipped the order, it will approve your cancellation request. If the order is shipped when you request a cancellation, the store may reject your cancellation request. In this case, you need to start the return process after the order reaches you. You must show in Greek in your cancellation and return requests for your orders that involve labor, special imports, and purchases that require a special design with your order. You can return the shelf product sold in the sample closed box without giving any reason. However, if the firmware you receive requires adjustments or special processes for your application, cancellations made without giving any reason may be rejected. You cannot return a cable that is cut and sent in a special length for you, except for faulty, wrong product delivery without any reason. Atakale never victimizes its customers. However, the products sold by Atakale are not end-user and consumer products; Project products. Most of them are supplied and prepared specially for your order, the responsibility arising from your wrong orders is entirely the responsibility of the customer. The refund process is the return to your credit account in the orders whose payment method is Shopping Credit.

    Canceled Order Consumer rights

    A consumer who has purchased your goods via an online platform has the right to cancel the contract and claim a refund without giving any reason or justification and without incurring any liability (unless exceptions apply) within 14 calendar days of receiving the goods.
    This right gives the consumer the opportunity to examine the goods as they would be able to do in a retail store. Please note that the consumer does not have to pay for the return of the goods unless you have informed them that they have to bear that cost.
    The 14-day cancellation period starts the day the goods are in the physical possession of the consumer (or when the last item in the order is in the consumers possession in the case of multiple goods). Weekends and public holidays are included in the 14 days. However, the cancellation period expires at the end of the following working day if the end of the 14 days falls on one of those days.
    On receipt of the returned goods, or confirmation that they have been sent by the consumer, you must refund within 14 days, if it is found that the consumer handled the goods beyond what is necessary in order to establish their nature, characteristics and functioning (typically as they would be handled in a retail shop), and if this diminishes the value of the goods by any amount, you are entitled to claim that amount back from the consumer (but you may have to justify this).
    As previously discussed, you need to inform the consumer about their right to cancel and how they can go about using it. To exercise the right to cancel, the consumer can notify you using a model cancellation form (if you have provided one) or by making any other clear statement of cancellation (whether or not in writing). See our Cancellation Information and Model Cancellation Form.

    Reject order at the door

    As previously discussed, you need to inform the consumer about their right to cancel and how they can go about using it. To exercise the right to cancel, the consumer can notify you using a model cancellation form (if you have provided one) or by making any other clear statement of cancellation (whether or not in writing).
    See our Cancellation Information and Model Cancellation Form.
    When the cargo company arrives for delivery, you can not receive the product and have it returned at the door. In order for the return to take place, you must not open the product and have not signed the waybill that comes with the product. If you have received the product, you must create a request by selecting the relevant product from the My Orders page in order to return it. After your product is delivered to the seller by the courier company, your refund will be made to your bank. The reflection time of the refund in your account may vary depending on the time determined by your bank. Status of your return My Account > My Orders > You can see the details of your order on the My Requests page.  If the shipping fee of the product is over 30 TL, and you do not inform us that you have given up buying the product without notifying our company during the transportation, the shipping fee may be charged to you. In addition, if you do not receive the products that do not include the right of return and withdrawal, Atakale may request from you to cover the damage incurred by the company. If your cargo has been sent outside of non-standard cargo companies such as special courier or Warehouse, you may be requested to pay for the expenses incurred by the carrier during the product return process if you do not receive it. Since Atakael does not sell end-user products, not receiving the cargo may result in an additional cost for you. You can find such information in the special warning section of the product on the product order page on this subject. If you use your right of return and withdrawal for Atakale standard products, it will not incur any fee or expense to you. When you see an error, blow, or mistake regarding the amount of your order at the door, you should record it and notify our company of this situation. In order not to be a victim of such errors caused by the cargo company, call Atakale and ask for help. After receiving the product, your damaged product requests will be resolved by Atakale, subject to investigation.

    Discount Coupons Rewards Point

    Coupons are valid for a limited time only. Atakale reserves the right to modify or cancel coupons at any time. If you do not purchase the qualifying items added to your Cart when the coupon is in effect, the discount will not apply. The coupon applies only to qualifying items displaying the coupon offer in your Coupon Book and on the item detail page.
    The coupon offer will not be valid until it is applied to the qualifying item. The coupon may only be used on and in conjunction with the purchase of products shipped and sold by and not on products sold by third-party sellers.The promotion is limited to one coupon per customer. Promotion may not be combinable with mail-in rebates.
    If you return any of the items purchased with a coupon, the coupon discount or value may be subtracted from the return credit. Applicable shipping and handling charges apply to all products. Add-on Items require a minimum purchase. See for details.Offer good while supplies last. Void where prohibited.Atakale has no obligation for payment of any tax in conjunction with the distribution or use of any coupon.
    Consumer is required to pay any applicable sales tax related to the use of the coupon. Coupons are void if restricted or prohibited by law.
     Atakale customers receive gift points and special  It offers gift shopping opportunities with gift coupons. You can use the discount by typing the gift discount coupon you received from Atakal over the phone or digitally, instead of the discount coupon at the time of ordering. In addition, you can use the gift points you have accumulated during shopping. If you have a coupon in your account when you come to the payment stage of the order, you will see it in the Product and/or Basket Coupons field. Simply press the Redeem button next to the coupon you want.  In the case of returning or canceling the products purchased using the coupon, the entire basket must be returned or canceled. If the usage period continues, the coupon will be reloaded into your account. Partial refunds and cancellations and refunds made after the coupon expiration date will not be repeated. You must log in to use the coupons in your account. Since coupons and points are defined in your account, you cannot use coupons/points for your purchases without entering your membership information. Atakale; When the customer cancels all or part of the shopping for which the coupon was used, the coupon equal to the discount amount used on the canceled product/products is returned to the buyer's account. The minimum basket amount required for the use of the restored coupon is the same as the minimum basket amount specified in the campaign conditions for the use of the original coupon. In addition, the remaining usage period of the restored coupon will be the period between the purchase date of the buyer and the coupon expiry date. Coupon and instant discount offer cannot be used at the same time. You can benefit from a maximum of one discount in an order. If the product price is the same or lower than the coupon amount, you can use your coupon. When you come to the payment stage of the order, if you have a coupon in your account, you will see it in the Product and/or Basket Coupons field. Simply press the Redeem button next to the coupon you want. Gift cards, points and discount coupons have a validity period of 1 year, but this period can be extended or shortened by Atakale on a product basis.

    Call us to order

    Even though they don’t have to do it by law, lots of shops will say you can return items within 14 or sometimes even 30 days, as long they’re not used. Your rights are the same even if you couldn’t check or try on the item before you bought it, for example if the changing rooms were closed.The shop’s returns policy might be written on your receipt, or you could check their website or call your local branch to ask. Bear in mind that shops often reduce the amount of time you have to return items bought in a sale, although you’ll still always be protected if something is faulty.
    You’ll stand a better chance if you take your receipt with you and return the item in its original packaging. It’s up to them what they offer you - you’ll need to decide whether to accept it or not. You won’t get a cooling-off period when you buy: something that deteriorates quickly - like flowers or food an item that was personalised or custom-made for you anything from a private individual rather than a business a workmanship, customdesign products or software, if you break the seal on the wrapping If you paid for standard delivery when you bought something, the seller has to refund this if you return it. If you chose a more expensive delivery option, you'll have to pay the difference.
    Atakale 500m² closed area head office, live   customer representative, engineer and logistics services to you by phone. You can use the communication channels to get all support during working hours, and to get support via whasup and e-mail outside of working hours. You can get detailed information about a product you want to buy by calling our company. You can contact us for price offers. Atakale has been serving you on the phone with Turkey's most experienced staff in Automation, Energy and Solar systems since 1997.
    You can get a price for your projects from Atakale and request a quote. In particular, we can offer your GEs projects, Wind Turbine installations and irrigation system projects as turnkey projects. In addition, you can call us for the supply of representatives and other products that we produce, apart from the products on the website we put up for sale.

    My Account Submit site

    You can subscribe to our website and access all your orders, account information, past records and personal information. You log in to our site under SSL security protection. You cannot create more than one membership at The registration information you create is not shared with anyone other than third parties regulated by law, except with your permission. In case you forget your username or password, you can automatically create a new password from our website. We can send your security information to your mobile phone by calling our customer representative
    When you log in as a member, you can safely perform all of the following operations
    -You can track your cargo and return the products.
    -You can edit your login information, addresses, phone number
    -You can view your privileges and payment information
    -You can manage your payment methods and settings, view balances and offers
    -You can view your balance, use your gift certificates and see the discount coupons defined in your name
    -You can chat live with Atakale customer representative
    -You can download Atakale Mobile application and access all help pages.
    Who can become a member of
    - Turkish citizens, foreign nationals and anyone over the age of 18 can become a member

    International order

    Those items for shipment to countries outside of the Turkey may be subject to taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country ("Import Fees"). The recipient of the shipment is the importer of record in the destination country and is responsible for all Import Fees.
    With respect to each item for which Import Fees have been calculated, you authorize Atakale Export or Merchant (as applicable) to designate a carrier ("Designated Carrier") to act as your direct or indirect representative/agent with the relevant customs and tax authorities in the destination country, to clear your merchandise, process and remit your actual Import Fees for such item.
    "Import Fees Deposit" represents an estimate of the Import Fees that will be levied on the items in your order for shipment to countries outside of the Europe . By placing your order, you agree to allow Atakale Export and/or Merchant (as applicable) to collect the Import Fees Deposit for the applicable items in your order. This deposit will be used, on your behalf, to reimburse the Designated Carriers for the import fees that they have paid on your behalf to the appropriate authorities of the destination country.
    You further agree that the Designated Carriers may disclose to Atakale Export or Merchant (as applicable) the amount of actual Import Fees levied on the item you have purchased from Atakale Export and/or Merchant ("Actual Import Fees"). In the event that the Import Fees Deposit exceeds the Actual Import Fees, Atakale Export or Merchant (as applicable) will refund the difference to you.
    You can make your orders from abroad at Responsibility for customs tariff, quota and all official procedures in your own country belongs to the importer company and the purchaser. gives CIF and FOB prices for the product you purchased. The customs tariff reaches you with the order of the product. You must learn beforehand about the certificates on the products and the import regimes and laws in your own country.
    If your cargo is inconvenient to carry in your international orders, it will not be transported by plane. Probably not all cargo companies want to transport this product by plane. You need to know that the product will be sent by road. You should get information about delays and customs procedures in this regard from and 312 425 2200
    Additional correspondent bank fees originating from your own country may be charged for international credit card payments. does not refund this fee during the refund. You can order all products from abroad at After making sure that there will be no problems with customs, our company sends all products. All consumer rights in overseas orders may be outside the scope of customs laws.

    Quality of Our Products

    WE SELL ORIGINAL PRODUCT: All of our products on are original. Fake, copy, illegal products are not sold. If you have any concerns about the product you have purchased, please send the product to us immediately by courier and report this situation by phone or e-mail. If your complaint and concern about the product is justified, your product will be returned or replaced at your request, free of charge. will initiate legal action against the importer and supplier of the product. The whole process will be shared with you. When necessary, you may have to contribute to the legal process. If your concern is not correct, the product will be sent back to you after all inspections.
    IF YOU WANT TO GET TECHNICAL INFORMATION: At, our technical staff take care to pass all the features to our site. Your area of ​​use and your request for additional information will be answered diligently. You can reach our engineers and technical staff by e-mail or by phone during working hours. To get all the details and technical information about the product, we recommend that you subscribe to our website and the product. You will be informed of all updates and new technical information.
    WE DO NOT SELL USED SECOND HAND ITEMS: does not sell second hand products. We check the returns from customers and offer them for sale. If you have the impression that the box of the product you bought has been opened before, please inform us by phone. Most of the products we offer for sale are imported from abroad. These products are tested during shipping, customs clearance and shipping. In the meantime, small deformations and scratches may occur. The customer is deemed to have accepted this situation in advance.
    B QUALITY PRODUCT: Atakale gives information about the quality of the product it sells by giving the most accurate information to the customer, by charging the products that are separated according to the quality of the factories according to the classification made. It sells defective visual defective products in a separate category
    PRIVATE LABEL: Some products require adjustment according to Turkey. Especially during customs, we may have to put a Turkish explanation and warning on the original labels of the products. Since it comes from abroad with a parcel, the product may be sent in different sizes and unbranded boxes during your orders in quantities less than one parcel.
    DISCOUNT AND PRICE DIFFERENCE: The price of the product may differ from the prices in the promotional brochure and other advertisements. This usually happens for reasons such as exchange rate update, campaign end. You can send us your discount request by e-mail or by phone. The data to be applied to the products (VAT, SCT, etc.) appears during the order. In general, 18% VAT is applied to electronic devices. This amount is collected at the time of order. You will see the prices excluding VAT on the screen. In case of loss of invoice, VAT amount will not be refunded in returns.
    IF YOU FIND A CHEAPEST PRODUCT, WE OFFER A DISCOUNT: If you can buy the same product cheaper under the same conditions from another supplier and site before ordering, you will receive a very special discount when you share it with us. No doubt about it.

    Out Of Stock and Pre Order

    There may be technical and commercial typographical errors related to the products we sell, or the stock information may not be updated by the manufacturer. If it is a product that you need to buy in a critical time, please confirm the last updated stock information of the original seller of the product from the communication lines. Check the technical information. Our company publishes the explanations on the products it sells for quick and preliminary information purposes. All of our customers who have purchased it mean that there may be technical errors here. Atakale automatically obtains the product stocks it offers for sale from the digital media of importer and manufacturer companies. When there are stock update errors, you will be informed as soon as possible and the delay time information will be given. If the product you will order is out of stock or offered for sale with a very long delivery time, you can get help from us regarding the product. Regarding the lead time, we can make a faster quote. Since Atakale is a project and supply company, it accepts pre-order and order entry for out-of-stock products. You can see the stock entry date of the product at This date is an approximate date. In case of delay and disruption, you can request an order cancellation and get a refund
    Atakale is the direct distributor and dealer of hundreds of importers and manufacturers. Since the product is also sold in our stores and branches, stocks may not be updated instantly. In this case, the customer representative will call you and inform you that the product will be delivered late. If you do not accept the late delivery of the product. Your order is canceled manually by Atakale. Atakale imports some of the products it offers for sale. If the products you have ordered are of this type, our customer representative will contact you as soon as possible and inform you. If you accept that the order will be delivered late, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. If you do not object to this, your products will reach you with a delay. If you order products imported from abroad, they will be delivered in at least 4 weeks.

    Invoice and Custom Procedure

    Getting an invoice for your purchase from Atakale can be very easy. Every purchase has an invoice that you can store for archiving or accounting purposes. Here’s how you can get an invoice for your Atakale order:
    After you enter your billing information at the time of order, your invoice will be issued while it is being shipped. If you want to change your billing information after the product has been shipped, the invoice must be returned by us. Shipping costs of sending the invoice to and receiving the reissued invoice shall be borne by the customer. All shipments will be paid by the other party. If the billing information is prepared incorrectly due to the error of, all shipping charges will be covered by us.
    In case you lose the invoice, the copy of the original copy in our company is sent to you by our accountant with the approval of the original copy. Submission can also be done electronically. All our invoices are available online with QBARCOD.
    Since our company prepares e-invoice/earchive invoices and invoices digitally, your invoice will be sent to the e-mail address you entered your membership information during the order. It is sufficient to notify us of any communication errors that may occur during the delivery and send a request to the e-mail If your invoice has not been delivered to you, or if it has not been issued inadvertently, you must contact us by phone and notify us of this error. If you are an e-invoice payer; The invoice for these products can be sent by e-mail within approximately 7 days from the order date. In order to view your invoice, the specified time must expire. At the end of the period, you can check your e-mail address registered in your account.
    If it was purchased via Atakale using the discount and coupon you defined, your invoice will be issued by showing these amounts as discounts. For example, if the price of the product is 200 TL and the discount you make for the product and/or the coupon amount you define is 25 TL, your invoice amount should be 175 TL.

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