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Atakale History

Atakale Elektronik was established in 1993 with the joint venture of 7 young engineers. In order to respond to the needs of our developing country, it started its commercial life with studies on the production of some SCADA, Automation, Software and Electronic products. Our founder is İsmail Hakkı Özdemd, an R&D Electronics Engineer. It has been continuing its high technology and supply business in the field of engineering for 25 years.In 1994, he started to give network training to public institutions.
In 1994, he applied the personnel database software to the Ministry of Energy.
In 1995, he established the network systems of Turkey's leading newspapers.
1996 AFJET Geothermal Power Plant Automation was our first business. Later, EGO Natural Gas continued with the SCADA of regulating stations.
He established the network, infrastructure and software studies team in 1997 and has provided these engineering services until today.
In 1998, it started the supply and wholesale of IT products.
In 1999, Leased Line Modem was designed and produced and used in the communication of RTU systems.
In 2000, it produced cathodic protection panels.
In 2001, the regulation stations produced and installed remote security monitoring and notification cards.
He has done hundreds of projects in the field of Fire Detection and CCTV MOBESE systems, which he started in 2001, successfully implemented the first wireless MOBESE application in Turkey in Çorum.
It started to import Fire Detection and Fire Testing devices in 2002 and has still become the best-known supplier of fire testing equipment in Turkey.
In 2003, it produced communication cards over high voltage lines, and it was used from All Turkey Energy distribution lines.
In 2004, TCDD became the first company to successfully implement the Digital Microwave Echo systems, which finds the cable faults in kilometers long.
In 2004, he redesigned and produced TCDD communication cards.
In 2005, it introduced the application of damage detection detectors for underground natural gas and water pipes for the first time in Turkey.
In 2005, he established a test system for Fırat University, which examines the 3D hydraulic movement speeds of dams.
In 2007, it started the assembly of channel imaging tools.
In 2008, it produced completely domestic software for the control and communication cards of Channel Monitoring robots and applied it in many places.
More than 500 projects in the energy sector until today, in which radiolink stations on muleback started with Solar Energy Systems in 2009.
and supplied thousands of systems.
In 2010, he made the security systems of Abank, Denizbank, HSBC banks and the security systems of hundreds of institutions.
All fire and security systems commitment of ATO, İzmir Port, Hekimhan Mine, TCDD Sivas High Specialization Hospitals in 2011.
In 2012, it completed the mailbox automation software and hardware in 900 postal branches of the PTT with its own engineer staff.
In 2013, it produced Mobile Solar Trailers designed by Atakale Engineers and installed more than 135 Forest Fire Towers.
By making Guard Tour Software in 2013, he signed the first RF ID security software.
In 2014, he operated the TBA Tunneling Machines of Istanbul Municipality.
In 2014, Kütahya Evliya State Çelebi Hospital established Turkey's first Car Port Solar Energy system.
In 2015, Ankara Metro Rail designed and manufactured the safety bus system, and now domestic products are used.
In 2015, Wind Power Plant was installed in Samsun 19 Mayıs University.
In 2016, nearly 20 large SPPs were installed in Konya, Aydın, Samsun, Malatya, Haymana, and Sandıklı.
In 2016, 700 units of domestic inverters and mobile Energy Systems were manufactured and delivered to beekeepers.
In 2017, it started a construction production joint venture in Ankara Kazanda Factory.
In 2017, he made solar energy systems for Botaş stations at an altitude of 2000-3000 meters.
In 2018, it started to produce special design solar modules.
In 2018, it opened a branch in Jordan.
In 2019, 87% started to produce domestic Vertical Wind Turbines, including turbines and blades.
Started production of cylindrical Rheostat in 2020
In 2021, it started to produce BMS and 800V -12/24/48V Solar Charger.
Opened a branch in Istanbul in 2021
Opened the Inverter test and repair laboratory in its new 500² building in 2021
It has produced a special 12V 340Watt solar panel for 2022 Caravan.
In 2022, it started to produce Energy Storage systems.

What is our difference

Since its establishment in 1993, it has successfully completed the most complex and intricate technical projects. Our success and determination stems directly from our unwavering and accurate technical analysis. Atakale has done thousands of projects, product supply and system integration on Solar Energy Systems since 2013. In addition, it is a leader in providing the most accurate solution to its customers, as it includes services such as Wind Energy, circuit design and inverter repair laboratory. It offers the most profitable and optimum solutions for every big or small project to its customers with great patience. When you call us, you will immediately see the difference in the first meeting.
Special project proposals are prepared by our experienced engineers, and even the smallest project is presented to you with maximum accuracy. You usually meet with experienced engineers even for product sales. It is presented to you comparatively with clear and understandable expressions about Solar Energy systems.
We are the company that offers the most accurate and accurate solutions to a sector where simple and memorized wrong suggestions about Solar Energy systems, which is a highly popular sector, are dominant. When you call us, we are ready to show you this difference very quickly.
You can learn from us quickly and reliably where the cheapest product and the highest technology product should be used. The products that the make-up companies will offer you at unnecessarily high prices will be an advantage to you before making your investment unprofitable.
The professional staff of the company has been one of the doyens of the technology sector for many years. The expert staff, who has been the project leader in the companies they work with, has signed dozens of projects that are the pride of Turkey in Turkey and abroad. By establishing solution partnerships with the industry's leading importers of hardware, it has provided turnkey projects to its customers with these companies, and aimed to provide the best and fastest service to its customers.
Atakale was active not only in the province where it is located, but also throughout Turkey. He has completed hundreds of projects in all the country, provinces and districts from Edirne to Hakkariye. National PTT Mailboxes, Fire Towers projects of the General Directorate of Forestry are our pride in terms of speed and success. In our country, where there is no settlement, sometimes we set up radio link systems on the steepest mountains, sometimes we applied underground imaging systems.

The Most Comprehensive Solar Energy Online Marketplace is the most serious site where you will find technically all the details, comparisons, comments, the best price, catalog and installation information, product discussions on the forum site, and all enlightening trainings on the blogs.
The prices on our site have been provided to you at the most affordable price thanks to 25 years of product supply links, and it continues its policy of the cheapest product in the same brand to make you profitable.
Our site is definitely not just an e-commerce site. It is an engineering site that meets all your demands on solar energy systems. All kinds of technical details, answers to questions about the product you want to buy, the best prices and the bridge of engineers who will inform you when you call is a site.
The technical information written here is carefully selected by experts. We have prepared the information we gained from hundreds of projects in the most understandable and useful way for you. We have not only given the technical details of Panels, Inverters, Batteries, Chargers and all other products down to the smallest detail, but also shared our practical experiences where you can quickly decide on your projects that will answer your questions.
The forum site, where you will find the most comprehensive technical information in Turkey at, is at your service without being a member. Most of our articles referenced on Google snippets Top pages guide the industry.
When installing, using the devices, when you encounter a problem, you can find the answers to your questions by visiting our site. If you request technical support, the technical staff of our company will be pleased to respond to this request in time. You can send us the problems you encounter, or you can send your support requests directly to us.

Our Quality and Certificates

Atakele Energy works at international standards in sales, production, customer service and accounting. It has increased the quality of its services with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 50001:2011, ISO 10002:2014, UL, IEC certification. It provided the training of its employees in accordance with the requirements of these quality certificates. Atakale Energy performs its sales services in accordance with international standards.
We publish the international quality certificates of the Solar panels we produce, the inverter and the other equipment we offer for sale on our page.. 

Atakale Future Plan

As Atakale Energy, production work continues rapidly to diversify renewable energy sources, especially in the field of CTP (Consantrated Thermal Plant) and Energy Storage. For the last two years, BMS has been working extensively with the synthesis of LiPo4 Material. It is the first and only company in our country that produces LifePo4 batteries in a laboratory environment. Our work continues rapidly and our country continues to produce the most important 100% domestic LifePo4 prismatic cell in energy storage.
It also designs and implements 800V/48V High voltage solar chargers.
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