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Atakale Import Export company


Atakale Turkey and is part of the Solar Module, Equipment, and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers Industry. Atakale IMPORT EXPORT has 12 total employees across all of its locations and generates 13m in sales (USD). (Employees figure is modelled).
Atakale Energy, as its representative in Turkey, imports the products it offers for sale. It serves you at the most advantageous prices in the products that have made the import. It sells the products imported from abroad without intermediaries and commissions, with the official permission of the Ministry of Industry, with a guarantee. Likewise, it exports its imported products directly to other countries without nationalizing them from the warehouse or the free zone. We make the shipment of products from stock to other countries for you without any tax loss in your overseas projects. You can purchase products such as solar panels, construction batteries, etc., which are produced in Turkey as export registered, and you can call us for all customs logistics services for the products that Atakale sends abroad as an exporter. We ship products by land, sea and air. Atakale is a company that exports to many countries and has export reference and export registration certificate. He is a registered member of the Exporters' Association.

Sale to Europen and Africa

Our customers who will order from abroad should not order without investigating the tax and import regimes in their own countries. If there are restrictions on sending the products on our site abroad, in terms of their own country, they will not be able to clear the products from customs and the products may have to be transferred by the person who bought them either to the country of origin or to another country.
Our firm strongly recommends consulting us and meeting with our Customs before export transactions. Solar panels exported from Turkey cannot be returned and cannot be returned to Turkey. Especially in the products subject to surveillance, if the export cannot be done by the purchasing customer, the products will be seized by the customs of the exported country and the buyer will not be able to receive the products. We give a 100% guarantee and commitment for the works approved by our company and approved by our customs officer. However, all responsibility for the importation of the product belongs to the buyer in orders from abroad without consulting our company and without getting approval.

How send shipment to internationl

If the products to be sent abroad are to be sent by air, the products must be in accordance with the International Air Transport Rules. You should call our company before ordering regarding the transportation of the products to be sent, except for Azerbaijan and the TRNC. The fees of companies such as UPS, FEDEX, DHL, which make international transportation, are quite high. However, transoceanic shipments are possible in as little as 10 days. If you are not in a hurry, it will be much more economical to send PTT Cargo by regular mail.
If you chose the sea route during the order and did not purchase the product on a pallet basis, the shipment of the product may exceed 30 days. If you want the product to be shipped insured, please choose the cargo option that carries the insured product. You can order to be sent from Turkey to all European countries by air and road.
If you have a contracted cargo, you can have the products picked up from FOB Atakale and you can undertake all the delivery related to the cargo. For this, you can learn the necessary customs procedures from our company's customs officer.

How return/cancel order export/import

You can notify our company of your request for product fee and change within the scope of warranty in your international transportation and orders, directly from the online site, by e-mail or by phone. You should send us the reason for your request, the pictures and the information that the product's return conditions are met, the defect, or the information that it was damaged in the cargo. Our customer representative will inform you how to return the product within 1 week at the latest after receiving this information.
If your request is for a product that is outside the international trade rules or whose return is not possible according to the customs legislation, you will be offered a refund for the defect, the old-fashioned amount of the product. You can give the product, which can be returned, to an agreed courier company, with the shipping cost being covered by our company. We send you the technical report within 10 days after you notify us of the product return, malfunction and damage of the product under warranty. If user error appears in the technical report, you will be responsible for the repair costs incurred when you send the product to us.

How prepare invoice export order

In the orders you have made from abroad, VAT/Tax is not added to the product price, you place your order without VAT. The export is recorded on the invoice. When the product invoice is issued and the customs procedures are started and the customs declaration of the product is given, it is not possible to change, cancel or return the invoice at this stage, since the product has now been exported.
Along with the invoice, the check-in list and the certificates that you will declare during the customs clearance of the product are also issued. In addition, the exchange rate on the invoice is adjusted according to the rate you pay. The invoice, as well as the origin of the products and accessories, all other information requested at the customs are issued by the customs department of our company. Our company is responsible for all mistakes made during the issuance of invoices.
The invoice is issued digitally by our company. And in case of Swift from the Bank, the transfer amount will be deducted. If the shipping cost is paid during the order, this amount will be shown on the invoice. Upon the request of the importing customer, the information to be shown on the invoice will be accepted by our company, if appropriate, if it requires changes according to their country.
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